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Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 (V.R. Fighter VS Taken 2)


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Fighter Select:

akira_zps5t15vwax.gif   paul_zpsz5teyvzc.gif   leechaolan_zps708kgmep.gif?1451531561764   sarahbryant_zpsvgspyl8k.gif?145153156176   honey_zpsmmkdhdyb.gif?1451531567970    jun_iAs_thumb_zpsbas0xkfp.gif?1479330195451&1479330197985

Akira Yuki: Exclamation_Question ll Paul Pheonix: Exclamation_Question / OCariocaNildo ll Lee Chaolan: Hany-Maru ll Sarah Bryant: Hany-Maru ll Honey: Hany-Maru ll Jun Kazama: YochiThMaster333



Stages  by Itanori

Lion Stage by Smealgol14

Akira Stage by Smealgol14

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1 hour ago, DoodlebobGamer12 said:

Oi mano, eu tenho conta do MFFA Agora, sou eu, O isaac straccioni, aquele lá do youtube que fez o street fighter 2 champion edition pra mugen.

BR Words: Seja muito bem-vindo!!

English Words: Very welcome to the forum!!

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