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Click in the author name to download. If you have any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic.




Rick Taylor (Original Sprites): Fuddyfunny / Sir Tigol & Lord Paul


4cvyegO.gif          jZMrG18.gif


Rick Taylor (Custom Sprites): The Pizzaman / Andres Borghi




O3tov44.gif          2Y87D23.gif


Bellyache: JosipKnezovicz || Hell Chaos: Borewood



Poltergeist: Borewood



Splatterhouse Lv.2 by TrueTotalEmpireInc. || Splatterhouse 2 West Mansion Ruins by Mysterious0Bob || Splatterhouse 2 Octopus Chase by MIMCHOU

Splatterhouse 3 Hallway Stages by Rockstar_Bob || Splatterhouse 3 1st Boss by Andres Borghi || Splatterhouse 3 The Strange Zone by Kung Fu Man

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Yeah.. For years ive been only able to do nothing but stare at whatever version of this splatterhouse thing of rick's he made. Im STILL unsure if this version features the hellhound as the playable 'splatterhouse' character or not. But.. There it was, All this time. Made by rick. https://www.inverteddungeon.com/hosted/vep/mugenvania.htm

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