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Click in the author name to download. Red is missing/offline.


PLAYER SELECT - Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match / M.U.S.C.L.E.


Kinnikuman, Robin Mask and Terryman by Descolor


PLAYER SELECT - Kinnikuman: Muscle Fight


JuQFZAN.gif     JklEC7Q.png     3XYVLaz.png     K7fnl1N.png     9Ipl3aC.gif


Kinnikuman: Borewood: Original Link - Mirror Link || Brocken Jr.: Sugio: Site Link - Mirror Link || Canadianman: Gyuki || Bikeman: Gyuki || Mixer Taitei: Gyuki

Note: Password for Gyuki's Mixer Taitei is mugen.




Scwqdpl.png          4U683LO.png


Pentagon & Black Hole (file name is 4D_combi) and Zebura by Haguremono


PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites


LNNEIhD.png          EHSwHKw.png          BxbooRK.gif


Ramenman: Unknown Author(KFM Spriteswap) - Electrocaid's Fix || Robin Mask: Zenjidoh || Black Hole: J.K - Borewood's Edit



Stages: Muscle Fight stages: by Zion / by Valgallah

Sprites Rips: NES M.U.S.C.L.E.'s Kinnikuman and Robin Mask by DarkR

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29 minutes ago, BarnacleBill said:

Oh, wow. Didn't expect this to ever get a collection. Sweet, nice.


There's that one Kinnikuman by R-Taco, too. 

Thanks! :D

Yep, it's the JUS version of him. May i should added him?


27 minutes ago, W' XI UM said:

You forgot to indicate that Muscle Fight version of Kinnikuman was made by Borewood.

Oops, my bad. Fixed.

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