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Red Earth / Warzard


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2 hours ago, Phantom Blood said:

Missed leo by stever76


1 hour ago, gui0007 said:

Nice remade bruh!

And here is the screenpack by Mazemerald.

Noted and added. Much appreciated.


Did cross-check with the Perfect Select. Added some more missing versions to first post, like Fraya's Mukuro.

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8 hours ago, Galvatron said:

Awesome Remake on this collection Ryoucchi. :awesome

but if I recall where their suppose to be a Boss form of Valdoll made by the same author or is it all in the same character? ...don't remember. :-P

Both are on first post


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Decided that it was finally time for me to cease slacking and give the thread a well needed update.


First and foremost, added a new logo!


Secondly, fixed the links to the following:


  • All hi-res filtered edits by Bajm6277
  • All characters by Doogiedoo
  • Hauzer by Mature4evr
  • Kenji / Mukuro by Rei
  • Kongou by Youngkirei
  • Leo & Nool / Hydron by Gal129
  • Mai-Ling / Tao by NHK
  • Bonus Game by Samus Aran 78, Pioupiou & SPAN (as well as Ryon's edit of it)
  • Stages by LaMissFairy
  • Stages by Kung Fu Man

Next up, marked the following as offline:

  • All of T. Vinceson's edits barring Blade / Jihad (thanks a ton for rendering the 1drv.ms url completely useless, OneDrive)
  • CVTW Leo by SeanAltly & Buckus
  • Mazemerald's Screenpack & Lifebars

And last but not least, added these new entries:

  • MVC-styled Leo & Tessa by ShinZankuro
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