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Ganbare Goemon / Mystical Ninja Series


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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.


Character Select - Ganbare Goemon (NES)


GoemonSUGIO || EbisumaruSUGIO || Sumo RoboSUGIO


Character Select - Ganbare Goemon (SNES)


GoemonSkysuika / Leonheart

Character Select - Ganbare Goemon 2 (SNES)




Character Select - Ganbare Goemon 3 (SNES)


GoemonBoufusetu / Kitamin / Redwave / Tetsuo9999 || EbisumaruBoufusetu / Redwave || Yae: Redwave || SasukeBoufusetu / Redwave || Goemon ImpactMarisa's Friend / Redwave


Stage Select

Stages by Redwave: Ganbare Goemon: Hagure / Oni Oni Randebu || Ganbare Goemon 4 - Uotta Highway by Jango || Goemon New Age Shutsudou! - Edo Highway by Swordsman-Kai

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Redwave's characters are really good.


Also, Tetuso9999's Goemon doesn't work right. I got him to work because he was missing the "up" command, but whatever I did made him unable to jump...

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9 hours ago, Darklight said:

Your missing one character you should list it even tho its private who knows you might get it from someone ill have to look on youtube for it again

I can't list it since i dont know who it is and who made it.

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On 1/16/2016 at 11:14 PM, Ryoucchi said:

I can't list it since i dont know who it is and who made it.

I realize that I think it's the ghost woman or something I am still looking for it I think it's private but you could ask as soon as I find the video I'll post it

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  • 2 months later...
9 hours ago, Leonheart said:

I've updated Skysuika's Goemon. Credit goes to Skysuika.

Added SND file. 

Added a new portrait.

Added a new palette.

Added crouching and air attack defs to CNS and CMD.

Added new anims to the AIR.

Fixed some transparencies.

Enjoy: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zyz5j61o2gencug/Goemon.rar

Nice. Added him to the first post

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