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Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office (feat. ClayFighter)

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Sorry for all this time without advances... and without showing this I posted on MUGEN Guild.

Yeah, starting on Tiny, he has all basics now (except the 5000s) and most of basic punches and kicks. Also, I got his voice from CF2 thanks to N. in Guild. I hope to add him soon to my CF collection as Earthworm Jim, Blue Suede Goo and Ice 😉 

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I'm back and Tiny too!! All his basics are done, all his sprites are added in the SFF and now i'm ready to work on him and make him for real for MUGEN!!

The real advance are made in these 2 screenshots:

  • All his palettes are done!! The 6 from CF2 and 7 new, one of them is nonetheless than Butch, his rival/clone as seen in screenshots (with that made I can use it as base for a future butch for MUGEN)
  • His first 2 moves are ready, both from 63 1/3: Overhead Attack (pic 1) and Launcher (pic 2, with Blue Suede Goo flying to the infinite XD)

Now working in his arsenal, this is the definite movelist for him (copy-pasted from his readme):

-=[Basic Moves]=-
-Weak Punch: x
-Medium Punch: y
-Strong Punch: z
-Weak Kick: a
-Medium Kick: b
-Strong Kick: c
-Run: F, F
-Backdash: B, B
-Taunt: Start

-=[Command Moves]=- *1
-Throws: F + y/z (close)
-Launcher: DB + c (knocks off the enemy)
-Air Tackle: DF + y
-Body Slam: D + z (in the air)

-=[Special Moves]=-
-Medicine Ball: D, DF, F + punch (also in the air) *2
-Arcing Medicine Ball: F, D, DF + punch *3
-Dashing Punch: D, DB, B + punch *4
-Wimp Slide: charge B, F + kick *5
-Overhead Attack: D, D + punch

-=[Super Moves]=- *6
-Super Medicine Ball: D, DF, F x2 + punch
-Wimp Punch: D, DB, B x2 + punch
  • *1 = With the exception of Launcher, all his command moves and throws come from CF1. Since the sprites are WAY different, I'll adapt these moves to his CF2 sprites, taking attention especially to the throws. Maybe the Air Tackle can be ditched since it's very similar to the Overhead Attack
  • *2 = Medicine Ball will be performed almost as in CF2 (there it's half forward instead quarter forward) but will be done in the air as in CF1. It's supposed to be a charge move as in CF2 but there's already Backfist Whip (a Dashing Punch variant in CF1), which will be Tiny's Combo Opener
  • *3 = Arcing Medicine Ball is the anti-air version of Medicine Ball, think about Blanka's Vertical Rolling Attack... or Ice's Stay Cool :P the command here is also simplified, with a DP instead of charging down as in CF1 or quarter forward + up (?) as in CF2
  • *4 = Same as Medicine Ball, this is also a charging move (in CF2, in CF1 is a quarter forward), but changed here to a quarter backward, as Backfist Whip move is in CF1. Usually doesn't knock off, but the strong version will do it, this move works as in CF1 but the animation is as in CF2
  • *5 = Wimp Slide is an exclusive move for CF2, basically a slide made with his hands. This is the only charged move that will be a charged one and the only Tiny move that is made with a kick and is different from CF2 (which is charge B, DF + punch)
  • *6 = Both will be made as super versions of Medicine Ball and Dashing Punch respectively. SMB will be similar than Ice's Super Snowball, and WP will be a single punch that will make a lot of damage, like 250-300 with a unique hit (seeing if I made it unguardable or not)

That's basically what he will get for this MUGEN version. The combo system will be made as my other CF chars and the claytalities too... which will be a secret until I release him, sorry :twisted: expect more news from him soon, WIMPS!!

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Finally I can use my quarantine time to make MUGEN... and so, I decided to continue Tiny as what was left months ago. I just made his throws and then go to the next character, but I was so excited of the result that I made all his special moves too. Now he's accurate to the first 2 ClayFighter games, time to continue with the supers, Combo System, Insane Combos and Claytalities. At this rate, it's probable I'd finish and release him during this month or in June (which it's more probable in June, totally, I guess so).

I've to work on the 3 CF from last games, I know (Frosty, Boogerman and High Five... or 4 if you want me to finish HoboCop XD), but that will be made too, so don't worry ;) 



Oh, and I started to make Butch, in case you ask for that one screenshot, yeah!!


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New updates:
-Pictured: Added his supers, both are hyper versions of Dashing Punch and Medicine Ball
-Non-pictured: After these shots I added the CF sparks and the combo system

Now the last (and tedious) part: the Insane Combos and Claytalities. At this rate probably I'll be releasing Tiny during this week, wish me luck ;)

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Sorry for the late, but here I bring you some news about my CF projects:


1. Tiny has been released

Finally I could finish him (or at least he's fully playable, I'm still working on Claytalities), so now you can download and play with him, get him in my website or look at the link in the release thread for more details!!


2. Working on new Claytalities

Apart of finishing the Claytalities on Tiny, I'm working in the other 2 known Claytalities fro  63 1/3 and Sculpture's Cut: Knock Off Top Half (aka Cut in Half) and Squeeze Claytality. And for working I mean to make new standard custom states to be added with an anim, just like I did with the Pre-Claytality pose. I got some ideas, especially for the Squeeze, like using the state 7780 aka Bloated Up (Jedah's Sangue=Passare move), where he inflated the opponent when he hits the enemy with the move, taking this I can make the Squeeze Claytality, experimenting with that. About KOTH, I'm working with helpers and stuff and working in a new state, the 5350, so I hope to get this being done well. If both moves work, expect me to update all my CF chars with these new Claytalities, especially Jim, which only left to make these 2 toi recreate the 5 Claytalities he has in the games.


3. Bad Mr. Frosty and Butch are in the works right now


In a beginning I planned to add Butch moves to Tiny and make a megamix as I did with Ice (Frosty's clone in CF2), but seeing his movelis is completely different and witm many moves, I opted to make him a separate character. So I took Tiny as base and modified some anims to make him more like Butch in this game, so he got a spped advance. Now making the moveset and the possible Claytalities, but most of the Combo System (everything but the Combo Opener and Combo Breaker) will be the same as Tiny. If I got him fast, probably I'll be releasing him during this month for sure.

And about Frosty, I reworked on him and I'm getting his sprites faster and with better quality. Now he has all basics moves and 12 palettes, now making his basic punches and kicks (all standing hits are almost ready), I hope to make him accurate to the N64 games as I did with Earthworm Jim. Both Butch and Frosty are made in the same time, so it's just a matter of time to be finished both this year, wish me luck ;)


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Yeah, making Butch claytalities (2nd pic), I got 2 ready of 4 and working in the other 2, as well I achieved to make the Squish Claytality (1st pic) for Jim as well for other characters. Butch will be released very soon, but if I got some luck, maybe Tiny and Earthworm Jim receive an update too, wish me luck :holdp:

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Knock Off Top Half Claytality worked!!
Working a bit more on this to be fully compatible with 5350s anims (custom states I'm making for this claytality) as well making a state for chars who don't have these anims (which is the 99% of chars) and probably Jim will be updated, as well most of the other CF chars

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CALL ME DADDY :fuckyea:
All basic moves for Frosty are ready!! All his basic punches and kicks are done and he's 100% playable, now making the sprites for his special moves and then I can start in his supers and the combo system.

Also thinking to make an arrange version of him in a future with his moves from C1/C2 with new palettes, wouldn't be a bad idea at all :cool:

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