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[PC] Elsword


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Knowing me, this thread was bound to come up.

Elsword is a MMO by KOG (Who also made Grand Chase) localized to NA by Kill3rCombo. It's sorta like an online beat em up which sets it different with other MMOs I have played. There are 6 characters, 5 of which who are in the NA version and you can choose from 2 or 3 (KR only so far) classes and upgrade that into a more powerful class. You can also have up to 4 people in a "party" to go through dungeons and finish quests together. And you can have up to 8 people in PvP.


Elsword (Sword Knight -> Lord Knight or Magic Knight-> Rune Slayer or Sheath Knight (KR only))

Aisha (Dark Mage -> Void Princess or High Mage -> Elemental Master or Battle Magician (KR only))

Rena (Combat Ranger -> Wind Sneaker or Sniping Ranger -> Grand Archer or Trapping Ranger (KR only))

Raven (Sword Taker -> Blade Master or Over Taker -> Reckless Fist or Weapon Taker (KR only))

Eve (Code Architecture -> Code Empress or Code Exotic -> Code Nemesis or Code Electra (KR only))

Chung (Fury Guardian -> Iron Paladin or Shooting Guardian -> Deadly Chaser or Shelling Guardian) -Not yet in NA version-

-Gameplay videos-



-Website so you can play yourself-

http://elswordonline.com/ (NA version)

http://elsword.nexon...main/index.aspx (KR version)

-My Comments-

Elsword is one of my favorite MMO's of all time because it is different than the others I have played before it. It plays like a Sidescrolling Action/Adventure game and is somewhat addictive.Customization is pretty normal. Choice of Costume items, Accessories, and armor. Hell, you can even change the Weapon. My only problems are that it takes more EXP to level up in the NA version (WHY?!) and the lag during PvPs. There should also be a SEA version. But other than that, this game is a must play.

-People who play-

ArtistofLegacy (NA, KR)

tohnoshiki (NA)

Yuyustars (NA, KR)



Chung comes June 27, 2012.


New monster card system.

--How To Sign Up For Elsword KR--


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The password will require a number btw.

Now you will get a confirmation email. Click the link in there and it will send you to a page where you will have to input your password.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a (free) Nexon account. But there's more to it.

Sign in here http://elsword.nexon...main/index.aspx

Then click game start.

Now a page will open about NGM. Click whichever option that gives a download.

Now install that and refresh the Elsword page and click Game Start.

Now Elsword will download and install on your computer.

--KR Free Account guidelines--

Only setbacks to a Free account are:

A) You can't buy from Item Mall (If you try to, it will prompt you to enter a KSSN to make a full account)

B) You can't play from 12AM to 6AM Korean time. Figure out that time in your Time Zone so you can know when to play.

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