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Dragon Ball Final Bout

Big Green

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There is actually stuff made from this game despite being a 3D game. I may be missing stuff, so let me know what I'm missing.






Goku (Normal):

Pan: Princevegeta

Goku (Kid): Stopmotiontoys

Trunks (Normal):


Goku (SSJ Z Saga):


Cell: Stopmotiontoys




Goku (SSJ GT Saga):

Trunks (SSJ Z Saga): Princevegeta

Vegetto: Nemesis82 + Biohazard82

Goku (SSJ4): Nemesis82 + Biohazard82Luiz BarinUnsigned

Goku (SSJ Kid):

Trunks (SSJ GT Saga):

Baby: Stopmotiontoys, DarkMephis + Luiz Barin


None that I know of...

Other Stuff

Screenpack: BroliDos, EmuBoardingLordlee

Intro: GohanSSM2, DominicanZero!

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This is my favorite DB game. I remember playing this with the PSX hack disk for japanese region games or that other adapter that goes on the back like gameshark I think?


Good times! Thanks for this section man! +1

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