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The Ninja Warriors


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ninjawa_ninja_walk.gif       ninjawa_kunoichi_walk.gif    ninjawa_kamaichi_walk.gif

Ninja: AnkokuNaitou || Kunoichi: AnkokuNaitou / D, The Red Cloak || Kamaitachi: AnkokuNaitou / D, The Red Cloak / Cadavélico

The Three Ninjas (3-in-1 char): _Josue_(Beta)



ninjawa_bigguard-boss1_stand-anim.gif   ninjawa_chainsaw-boss2_stand.png   4ExOtsg.gif   x7jGNrq.gif

Gigant: Storm0062 || Chainsaw Bull: Storm0062 / Joey Faust || Over Shinobu: Joey Faust || Zelos: Joey Faust



Ninja Warriors (Arcade) Stage Pack by Vegaz_Parrelli || Ninja Warriors (Arcade) Stage 1: by mh777 / Magma Dragoon MK-II

Ninja Warriors (SNES) Stage 1 by SonSon3000 / by Zion || Ninja Warriors (SNES) Stage 2-2 by Kain The Supreme

Ninja Warriors (SNES) Stages 1 & 2 by OldGamer || Ninja Warriors (SNES) Stage 5 by Omega



Ninja Warriors (Arcade) Stage Rips by Jin315 || Ninja Warriors (SNES) Sprites Rips from: Spriters Resource - Sprite Database - ScrollBoss

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3 hours ago, storm0062 said:

I refound an old site with my old chars... Don't expect something good...




Ps: don't link chars by me on mugen archives please. Reup (or Ido it) them or link to: http://kyosukeex.online.fr/characters.html if it works




That's nice! Added new link, thanks! :D

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