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Sango Fighter 1 & 2


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Collection remade. Click in the character image to download.






guanyu01.gif   zhangfei01.gif   zhaoyun01.gif

  name01.gif                                   name02.gif                              name03.gif

Chars by General Chicken








Chars by General Chicken






Stages and Screenpack by General Chicken

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5 hours ago, Ryou said:

this calls for my trademark revival potion to resurrect this thread to what it once was...and voila, there you go.

If I didn't say it before, I shall say it now... you are one of the greatest people to ever exist in this community. The amount of stuff you have backed up, amazes the hell out of me, and for that, I am very much grateful. ❤️


Also, those characters in the "not mugenized" list were actually mugenized, problem is though, they are all listed under alternative aliases of General Chicken, and only seem to work in this mugen full game called "Fighter's History - Dynasties", cause that is where they are located. They (like other characters from specific full games, such as all the ones made by Super Fighter Team) suffer from the same issue of only functioning in said game, and when used outside of said game, require the full game's specific common1.cns and other files in order to even be usable, but worse than that, when using the default common1.cns from any other game, as well as without almost a good chuck of the data from the original full game's folder, they generate clones of themselves and/or the hitspark stays on the screen, as the same with my release of the Super Fighter collection, since for some reason, that seems to be the main issue with all these characters. However, unlike my release, they do have a balanced set of stats, so they don't just die so easily to other characters, nor do they overpower them so easily (aside from the AI being pretty aggressive).


So yeah, all of the "not mugenized" characters actually exist within the "Fighter's History: Dynasties" Full Game (which can be downloaded off of this site), but they need to be edited/fixed to function outside of that game. I've been trying to fix them myself, but it is a tad bit slow of a process, since I don't know jack squat about making characters. I've been playing a fair bit of that full game, and based on my experiences, they only fixes they need is to have the 9000,1 (big image avatar) updated to the ones show in this list, rather than some kind of custom avatars.

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