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Kakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game Creator


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Collection Remade. Click in the author link to download.




kky_tetsu.gif  kky_yamato.gif  kky_eins.gif  kky_kassha.gif  kky_blaque.gif

Tetsu: Big Eli King / Descolor || Yamato: Captein || Eins: Buckus || Kassha: Basara || Blaque: Big Eli King


kky_nanashi.gif  kky_reiko.gif  kky_akiko.gif  kky_hashimoto.gif  kky_lbiss.gif

Nanashi: Rikard - DS12's Edit(MvC) || Reiko: Kamek || Hyuuga: Captein || Hashimoto: Kung Fu Man / Gladiacloud || L-Biss: Kong & I_Burner




kky_edward.gif  kky_belmont.gif  kky_silentstorm.gif  kky_silentstormex.gif  kky_darkstorm.gif  storm.gif

Edward & Belmont Trusdale: Kamekaze || Silent Storm: Big Eli King || Silent Storm EX: Big Eli King & Fr33dom87 || Dark Storm: Big Eli King || Perfect Storm X: Disciple X


34kl5.gif  master_storm_bCI.gif  kky_demontetsu.gif  kky_ghosttetsu.gif  kky_demonblaque.gif

Custom Tetsu: Metal_Shadow || Master Storm: Speedy9199 || Demonic Tetsu: Big Eli King || Ghost Tetsu: Big Eli King

Demonic Blaque: Big Eli King || Orochi Tetsu (Not Pictured): LoZmaster || Kei Okuda (Not Pictured): Erika



Stages by VinnyJ - Fighters Rips by Kong

Full Game: Kakuge Yaro - Project LENSMAN by Zero-Sennin

SFX and Voices rips by G.o.D.

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