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The King of Fighters XII / XIII


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Good one, man :)


I posted k6666orochi's Ex-Kyo in your request thread if you havent checked.

this is amazing now i can finally get all the characters lol 

Thanks! :D


do you have the boss Saiki  where he isn't human?

It's in the last line of the char list, with Evil Ash. ;)


What's the consensus on FedeStalker's Robert? He feels kinda stiff to me.

BTW, nice collection.

He's pretty tough and good to play.

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Which of these characters are better than the rest?

Capone, 41 and Ahuron chars are highly accurate (some of 41 and all Capone chars only works in 1.1).

Also P-Tan and k6666orochi are good. In other note, Misterr07's Joe and Ryutaro's EX Kyo are great too.

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Ryo by Richoador

Terry by kempachi-mx

Leona by P-Tan and Yaret

Benimaru by kempachi-mx

K' by kempachi-mx

K' by TightRiam and HaiJin

Kula by P-Tan and KarmanBernstien

Kim by kempachi-mx

Athena by Dharkst_Dhost

Chin by kempachi-mx

Mai by P-Tan and ???

Classic Kyo by Mechzer

Human Saiki by or2==3 and Yaret

Awakened Saiki by Elecbyte

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