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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden


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More like fixed by BoyBoyz. I didn't partake in making it.  The credit goes to Nightmare for the awesome char xD.

Now that you mention it, that probably would be a better way to phrase it in the OP. I'll likely change it when next I alter the OP.

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34 minutes ago, Mʀ. Stᴇal-Yoᴜʀ-Waifᴜ said:

It is funny how some of his unfinished characters are more fun and better than many finished characters

Alphas and Betas aren't necessarily bad, they are just incomplete or unfinished works. Some things are straight out experiments in some cases that are still trying to find its style or function. The good thing though is that hopefully the final version comes out eventually and you might get something really good; maybe, maybe not. Sometimes stuff just flat out fails.

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