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Gntsp Lifebars


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Hey Guys,

It's been two weeks. I've been sick and feeling like absolute shit, but finally managed to get these lifebars into production.



Origin: Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Working Resolutions:




These lifebars are a direct rip from GNT:SP that were modifed and edited to work as valid

M.U.G.E.N 1.0 lifebars. I had to make the round transition, fight, KO, and Time Over animations

by myself. I did the best I could to copy the source animation since I had nothing to go by expect

for video frames recorded by Dolphin Emulator.

To Install:

1.) Place the "GNTSP_Bars" folder in the "data" folder of your mugen 1.0 installation.

2.) Place all the fonts in the "font" folder from the archive into your mugen's "font" folder.

3.) Open your motif's "system.def" and make sure the the line "fight = " is pointing to:

"GNTSP_Bars/fight.def" (Use fight_320x240 if your screenpack uses that localcoord).

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