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The King of Fighters '96 / '97


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Missing stuff (IDK how credible this is, given it's from electrocaid's perfect select):



Screenpacks: by Kitsune Sniper, by Mugen-Spirit.

A whole bunch of endings by Goenitz96, WOLF / KOF 99 TEAM, and Liam.

Geese by Jin Kazama (old version)

Krauser by J.Lee (old version)

Mr. Big by Elecbyte

Mr. Big by Sweater

Mr. Big by Cyber Joker

Kyo by Kaku

Leona by Rakutai

Mature by Mature4evr

Kim by Jenus

Chin by Onewithdarkness + kusanagi200x

Goenitz by Deuce

Goenitz by YoungMing



Screenpacks: by OrochiKOF97, by Claudio Toxi

More WOLF / KOF99 TEAM endings, as well as one by Garuda (Benimaru)

Yuri by Jorge H Campos

Yuri by Pabiloon

Yashiro by SodonHID

Yashiro by Ali

Kyo by Jin Kazama

Orochi Chris Patch for NeoGouki's Chris by [email protected]

Orochi Shermie by Pikachiu and DJ Love

Orochi Yashiro by Rakutai

Athena by an Unknown Author

Mary by TESTP

Orochi Iori by Kaku

Orochi Iori by MVP + Kaku + Proto

Shingo by Rakutai

Orochi by Carra


I guess that's all. Only one thing in my comment here is online.

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On 30/03/2016 at 0:37 PM, Obama said:

What a scary Yuri! Added. :)


2 hours ago, Tanicthefox2016 said:

Kyo by KaKu:https://sites.google.com/site/tanicfan22swebsite/kyo-k.rar?attredirects=0&d=1 (by the way, it's not an April Fools link or something like that. Also I will host another characters on my Google website. :P)

That's great, thanks a lot for that Tanicfan! Added. :D

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