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Killer Instinct Series

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There are 2 characters from the new killer instinct 

Jago and Sabrewulf 

im not sure if your setting that up yet :s

Oh yep, i see that Xandegraf made a Sabrewulf. I'll add him later.


And about Jago, are you talk about the Jago made by Dragon972 DartzPie?

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I guess, I dont have him anymore so i dont remember i know that it use to be in a full game that you could of pull him out

So yes, it's really Dragon972's Jago. Because he's in this fullgame, also Orchid, a beta of Sadira and some stages.

Dragon don't 'reveal' the password to extract (yes, he's now doing this in many of your releases), only if you send a reply in the forum. :jackiechan:


Awesome work on this collection! Keep it up mate.

Thanks! :D

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Okay, added MUGEN stuff from the 2013 KI.

- Jago and Jago stage by Dragon972.

- Sabrewulf by Xandegraf

- Aganos stage by OMEGAPSYCHO.


I'm still waiting for Dragon972 reply about the password of the KI game that contains Orchid, the beta version of Sadira and other stages.

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Question: Why Ahrimanes' Orchid isn't added to the collection?? She's custom sprited, but is still KI1 Orchid anyway, should be at least in Other Stuff.

Also, in KI1 section, should be added is the version is from Arcade or SNES (or even from GB, maybe some of the fighters could be made from there)



Killer Instinct vs Mortal Kombat fullgame by Jeffrey_Bones, to be added in KI1 Other Stuff (and also in MKII collection BTW)

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On 22/02/2017 at 0:40 AM, TheMiner said:

Found this recently.

ai patches for Mr.I's KI2 chars made by anomalis



Thanks, added. :)
Also added Orchid (KI1) by Xandegraf, an edit of Dewi's Orchid (KI2) by mugenchars and KI2 Spinal stage by Anomalis.

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