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Mugen Bat files

justin thomas


Not sure if this is the right topic for this but i was wondering if there was a way to change or edit mugen bat files to a different screen pack or to a screen pack in general. For example the 004 batch files are using the default Mugen version, is there a way to edit or change it?

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Open the BAT file with notepad.


Add -r whateverscreenpack to the command line


set p1=02
set p2=Ryu
set st=RyuStage
"mugen.exe"  "%p1%" "%p2%" -s "%st%" -p2.color 4 -p2.ai 0 -r mugen1


So in this example, I set some variables for players and a stage.  Then I have a line to run mugen with all the variables set.  The last part, -r mugen1, tells mugen to use the crappy old default mugen 1.0 screenpack located in directory [mugen]\data\mugen1

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