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Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

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Asuna by Air_MUGEN: http://tier-1.us/index.php?topic=1087.msg4117


Shin Mako is updating his Asuna again so that's why it's down. Should've headed to his MFG Thread.

Nice! Glad to see this collection being started. Gonna be great when it gets expanded apon once more DBFC characters get released.



Updated with Asuna by "Shin Mako" and the one made by "Air_MUGEN".

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It should've noted that YU-TOHARU's lifebar is winmugen only, while i made a 1.0 patch


I know it less fancier than hloader's but i still like it nonetheless lol



Changed the link for Selvaria, because 41 has moved his stuff to another folder.

If for some reason the link will not work, I'll provide a new one.

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41's Asuna is in a same link as Selvy's, :( but still password during extraction. & i dunno where to find the password around a google

If the file has a password, that means 41 doesn't want to share the character yet, because it's pretty incomplete (this is not the first time he does that).

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