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Creator's Collection: JuanABL

Mr. KOtik

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(click pictures to download)


ACI1ySy.png  TpHqFYG.png  IpTwHm5.png

Tenshiro          Sandy           Ruth



sgZ4wAy.png E96tIar.png BiR0oPS.png

The Discourament Rain                                           Elements of Destruction                                                The Desolation Wind

j1CDag1.png gV1NDXC.png

The Orochi's Lair 2                                                   The Darkness Sphere




BackupLink1 BackupLink2 BackupLink3



- All 5 stages were created during the early era of Mugen by JuanABL.

- 4 download links available to make sure these stages never become difficult whatsoever to acquire in the future.

- Links to JuanABL's characters provided by Basara-kun.

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