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B-MO (Adventure Time)


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Video for those who want to know what they might or might not get into :




Come to think of it, is he not made by MamaLuigi, the same guy who made those crappy Soul Eater characters?


EDIT : If the def file is anything to go by, the author is not MamaLuigi but MADRichard. Unless the latter is just another nickname of MamaLuigi.

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I thought the english one sounded awesome. Don't diss on it bro (if you do. :troll: )

The BEST Dragon Ball has always been the American one on Toonami, with the 'Rock the Dragon' intro (If they did DBZ right as a movie, Glenn Close would kill as Frieza). No other dub of DB has ever, EVER had that atmosphere or made you emotionally feel the show like that since. The Japanese one, Kai.....that music and dialogue....nope.

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