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Duel With The Shadows


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Credits: AkumaTh, Enscripture, Doggiedoo, Mortalist, and Unknown Author for the sprites used.


Compatibility: 1.0 and Win+. Animations are slight. No superjump.


We made this stage as a gift to our buddy C.A.N since he liked Ghetsis and the theme for him was good enough. Hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcomed.


Also, all of our stages now hosted here: http://testmugen.x10host.com/Ryoucchi&ToasterStages.html.

Huge thanks to Mr. KOtik for providing a hosting space for us!



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-while the Dragon pass close to the ship (I think thats the place no?) could have tried to add some BGctrls to make the ship shake.

-Dragon speed is too slow imo.

-All black and stormy > This one of all really needed that overlay tint.

-the statue has notable colorloss.

-Not digging the lightings sprites tho could have make them a bits slower and add addalpha to the last frames of it to give them a better fade-out efect.


As always a nice concept just some details off. 

Also lol Mr.Kotic site does have a nice and friendly design.

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Xan must be really happy that a stage dedicated to him has been made and I hope he's contented with it.


Ryoucchi, who made that Jedah Jo and Warachia Ex? The latter can not be found in the MB Collection as far as I'm concerned and the Jedah too is not a part of the Darkstalkers Collection. Then again, I don't know their author's names so I could be mistaken.

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