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[Updated] Rose's Rainstorm Requiem - Custom Stage


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So, we got bored at some point and asked C.A.N if he wanted a stage done for him so we ended up thinking it up and this is the result. I hope all enjoy it.
 Especially for you C.A.N, this is dedicated for you dude!  :=D: 


Credit goes to NeoGouki, Misamu, Nyko, !E, Mr. X-File, and VIB for the sprites used.

Winmugen+ and 1.0 compatible, animated and BGM included.

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Stage updated (9/13/2013). Screenshots and link in the first post.
+ Added the shadow to the piano.
+ Changed the panther into a more KOF-ish one.
+ Adjusted the deltas of the sky and clouds.
+ Added alternative def without the piano and panther, for those who didn't like it.
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