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Senran Kagura Visualization -Remake Version-


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Video courtesy of Swordsman-Kai


Just a simple remake of a single layered (auto stage tool generated) stage i made back in my early year in MUGEN.


Posted Image





- The Magic Toaster, C.A.N, RicePigeon, Daniel9999999/Sanae63, and Swordsman-Kai for testing.

- MOTVN and Saiyajin-Mui for the floor and particles sprites.

- Danbooru for the artwork source (by Yaegashi Nan).

- Google Translate for that legit Japanese text.

- Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment for creating this ecchi ninja game and anime. (Maybe should credit ZUN too since they has Yuuka Kazami ripoff)



+ In colour!

+ 640x480 resolution!

+ Animation!

+ Music!

+ Girls in swimsuits!

+ Hot blonde girls!


+ Yuuka Kazami!


Have I named everything i this stage yet?



- Compatibility: 1.0 and Win+

- Superjump: Kinda.

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