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Space Jam - Custom Stage (Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Tribute)

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B-Ball. Nuff said.




Credit and Thanks

- The Magic Toaster for concept and ideas as always.

- HD Wallpaper (http://hdw.eweb4.com) for the space background

- Basketball91 (http://www.basketball91.com) for the basketball hoop image.

- Pal for the fence sprite.

- Whoever made the stars, comets and asteroids as i've seen them re-used in many space stages.

- A_Person for the floor sprite.

- Diss and GLB for awesome feedback.



- Compatibility: Mugen 1.0 and Winmugen+
- Animation: Yes.
- Superjump: Yes
- Parallax: No
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Stage updated following GLB's feedback. Check first post.


- The boundhigh seems to be incorrect. 
+ Fixed.
- Also, your star sprites 3,0 over the group 0 sprites look very odd in game. The way the deltas are on top of the BG is awkward, you should adjust that. 
+ Adjusted.
- There's not a whole lot of difference in the stars on the BG. You could just cut and tile it then use PS/Gimp brushes to make the more unique stars for the background, this can reduce a bit of the loss in there and make the image less massive. 
+ I made the stars varied now.
- As pointed out above, a shadow from the fence would be cool. 
+ Added.
- You've got sprites in the .def that're semi-coloned and in the .sff that aren't being used. 
+ Removed.
- You didn't crop some of the sprites. 
+ Cropped.
- The rocks are a tad bit clashy, perhaps you could try and blend them a bit better? 
- For this point, i still need to put some effort on it, sorry >:
Will be fixed in next update.
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