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[Crimson Alive Extreme Encounter] Church (Red Moon Version)


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Courtesy of DartzPie


Posted Image




Credit and Thanks
- Toshio Tenma for the sprite rips.
- SxVector for recoloring the sprites.
- The Magic Toaster and Swordsman-Kai for great helps (like sample videos, preview videos, BGMs, and other supports) and testing.
- Daniel9999999 for his awesome Onodera Ren that inspired us to made a stage tribute for it.
- Compatibility: Mugen 1.0 and Winmugen+
- Animation: Yes
- Superjump: Yes
- Parallax: No


Known Bugs

- The fog will have tiling error in 1.0.

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Extra Boss :S 

hmmm so it be like akuma when you meet certain expectations ,



So I beat her on my first try was shocked @[email protected]  



She is Yuhazaki true final boss.


The game have a system similar of Street Fighter Alpha 2 which not everyone fights the same final boss.


Some characters have stories which ends when they fight their rivals like Yuhazaki who is challenged by Ren and Ringring who can only fight Kirihara Rachel's 1st form.


About the stage, it looks amazing^^


And yes, my author name is always just "Toshio", just in case somebody thinks they should add variations like "Toshio Tenma", lol

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