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[Hokuto no Ken 7 SNES] Kenshiro and Raoh's Stage


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I know Kurumin did the Kenshiro's one before...but our version has some difference lol.


+ The sky is moving like it did in source

+ Compatible with both MUGEN





Compatibility: Both MUGEN.
Animation: Nah.
Superjump: A bit.
Parallax: No.
BGM: Yes.
Davias: Sprite ripper
Noside: BGM Ripper
Kurumin: Original Kenshiro's stage.
Toaster: Hosting
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Tested them.



-Why delta on the Floor? It doesn't makes sense.

-Seems like you just copied my stage and edited it. Well I don't mind.





Tested Roah's Stage, too.

-Again why delta on the floor?

-tile and tilespacing for Sky? Why?



Why don't you just set the stage in the SFF? Why you use start = x,x? At least I set it in the SFF. I learned that from ExShadow. :=D:

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Well, for example you have start 0,-50 for the Roah's Floor. What I am saying Instead of using start do that in the sff. DELETE START OFF THE FACE OF STAGE CODING!!


you have -2 as the y axis of the floor in the SFF and -50 as the Y axis of the floor in the def. (-2 )+ (-50) = -52. Add -52 in the sff. AND DELETE START FROM THE DEF!

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Yeye, i get it.


Sugaku wa honto ni mendokusai.....


Although, the result is just the same right? LOL


Yeah, the result will be the same. But some people don't like to use start. Check my Stage, I doubt that I've used start in any of them.


"Sugaku wa honto ni mendokusai....." Eh?

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