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[Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls] Dragon Dojo Exterior

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Compatibility: Win+ and 1.0

Animation: Yes.

Superjump: No.

Parallax: No.

BGM: Yes.



Davias: Sprite ripper,

Excahm: Helping me to figuring out how to make stage compatible for both Mugen.

GLB: Taught me some useful tips in coding.

Toaster: Uploaded file and added BGM as always.


This isn't a joke release...also we changed the name into "Red Dragon Cafe" since...it doesn't look like  a dojo. Feedback welcomed.

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Thats not really a big mistake.

Cuz you don´t notice while fighting on the stage.

That would be the deltas.


Tho ill throw an eye on it =P




Everything seems code wise....

Tho the animations look akward but i can see thats the source.

Just one thing.

You let the BGM in blank also it maye weise to remane the BGM to prevent shit with Mediafire.

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I was gonna do that s stage a long time ago. I ended up just us sing the floor sprites. I'll download it later, but based on the screenshot I think the shadows should be dark cuz they're in a dark alley.

Its not exactly a dark alley considering the fact theres light all over the place that Neon Sign, the lights from the sign and from the inside of building so its more logical to have made them less darker.

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