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Pein Released


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Hey Guys, I'm happy to finally tell you that Pein is out. He's free to wreak havok on the world. :) Details, details:

- M.U.G.E.N 1.0

- Custom Effects for most moves.

- Unique moveset.

- Chibaku Tensei, Daishinra Tensei, Banshou Tenin and Pein Rikudo!

- Scalable A.I.

- English Soundpack.

That's the bulk of it. Later!


[Pein's Readme]

Name: Pein

Series: Naruto Shippuuden

Game: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai Cha-Crash (NZC)

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Version Date: 3.16.2013

Description: Pein is one of the Six Paths of Pein who has the power to

control gravity and various aspects of space and time. He refers to himself

as a god who cannot be defeated. Pein is the Deva Path and has the ability to

use the other five paths of Pein (Asura, Animal, Preta, Human, and Naraka) at will.

The Pein here is the most powerful of all the Paths of six, however, there is a seventh,

"real" Pein, known as the Outer Path: Nagato.


Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.

Spectro Sosuke for creating and providing me his custom Pein sheet that contained many of the Path's sprites.

- Using this sheet, I made edits for my needs.

MattFV and Felipito for making the Animal Path's sheet that was used.

Laharl for making the English sound pack.


Pein has both an English and Japanese sound pack.

To change them just open up his .def file

and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:

snd = pein_nzc.en.snd ; for English


snd = pein_nzc.jp.snd ; for Japanese


-- Basic Actions --

Dash - Yes

Air Dash - Yes

Jump (Double) - Yes

Crouch - Yes

Launcher - Yes

-- Basic Attacks --

Pein uses mid-range chakra blasts and melee attacks.

Commands are simple. A, B, and C are

his commands for Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks respectively.

-- Special (Super) Attacks --


[Command Name] - [Command] - [Power Requirement]


- [Note (If any)]

Universal Pull: Earth Motion - QCF+A - 1000 (1 Bar)

Pein uses his Universal Pull ability to bring boulders out of the ground. Once gathered, he launches

them at the enemy by pushing them away.

Universal Pull: Stab - 1000 (1 Bar)

Pein attempts to use his Universal Pull to bring the enemy towards him. Once close enough, Pein takes

out one of his Chakra Poles and stabs the enemy with it. They bleed out and fall to the ground in agony.

Note: This move can be blocked and only can hit on the very first frame. Set yourself up accordingly or you will


Chibaku Tensei - QCF+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Also known as Planetary Devastation, Pein creates an orb with a very strong gravitational pull. So strong, such that

it pulls boulders up from the ground. The enemy sucked into the center and surrounded by boulders that lock into place

around the orb. Once the orb is fully surrounded, Pein motions to send it towards the ground. When it hits, an explosion

of boulders and rubble damages the enemy and all others (enemies) who are nearby.

Note: If the enemy guards, they can avoid being sucked into the orb. However, Pein continues with the move. The attack is

equally fatal if the cluster of boulders happens to hit you.

Universal Pull: Levitate - QCB+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Despite what the name implies, Pein starts by pushing the enemy away with a long stream of chakra. If hit, the enemy goes flying backwards

into the wall behind them. The smash into the wall and ricochet into the air. Once high enough, Pein stops them in mid air and sends

them smashing into the ground with force. This does massive damage.

Note: This move can be blocked. If so, Pein will not continue with the rest of the move.

Daishinra Tensei - QCF+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Pein teleports into the middle of the screen and begins to float in the air. He then, forms a small Shinra Tensei that expands

into a massive one.

Note: The expanded blast covers all areas of the screen and even a little beyond.

It most cases, this move appears to do minimal damage for a level 3 super. The rest of the damage of this move comes from

the very center. Should the enemy by in close proximity to Pein when the pre-expanded Shinra Tensei is active, they

will be damaged for the full amount.

Pein Rikudo - QCB+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Pein summons the other five paths to assist him. First, Preta Path comes out and attempts to drain the enemy's chakra

and anyone near them. Next, the Human Path attempts to hit the enemy and remove their soul. Next up is the Asura Path

who removes his hand to reveal several rockets. These rockets are fired at the enemy in sequence for some nice fire damage.

Next is the Animal Path who summons a possessed Rhinoceros that charges at the enemy and bashes them with its horn. The final

Path that is put to use is the Naraka Path. He summons the King of Hell in a stream of purple fire, who sits idly by with it's

mouth wide open. If the enemy is too close, they will be eaten and chewed up. If they are still alive from the King of Hell's mastication,

they are spit out, otherwise, they are devoured, never to be seen again.

Note: The sixth path is Deva, you, the player. You have full control over him and can do whatever you want during this move.

The Path's attacks are not guaranteed to hit all the time. You actions during this move can greatly affect the outcome of the Path's



Pein is an awkward individual who wants nothing more than true peace in the world. What he doesn't know yet is that he's going about it

in the wrong way. Well, lost cause or not, Pein is one of the most elaborate NZC characters I've had to create to date. I used an existing

King of Hell sprite by Spectro Sosuke to create the mouth animation for him. Some things are true to the Anime, while some things are not and almost

nothing is true to the source. Many special effects were created custom for the sake of being original. A lot of work was put into making this

Pein. This is the last official character from NZC that needed to be made to date.

A.I. as always, is by me. Enjoy!

Preview Video:

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Great release kenshin


Pein is. For the game, he'll have more boss-like qualities, but for this release, he's a normal character so he's not too cheap :P


You mean he will have more moves or just buffed stats?

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