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12 minutes ago, GreenShieldy said:

Evilasio privated and deleted the link to his Pikachu.

Apparently Solarflared told him to uhhh... stop using his sprites?

Here's Evilasio's main response. Why is this a thing?


Oh, he's still a thing that exists? I thought he "left" the MUGEN scene a year or so ago. Guess he's just still lurking around and trying to keep his ego afloat.
Anyways, like I said, he has a massive ego and thinks that everything he makes is gold, but they're all filled with all sorts of jank and stuff. Not to mention he hunts down anyone who even dares to remake stuff with his name on it. He's also got a vore fetish, but let's not say anything else.

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He never left, he just keeps his stuff private and only shares it with those he trusts.


He has no hold over the usage of Pikachu's sprites, as Gladiacloud made them; Dilly only created the select portrait, so if contributing a single sprite is enough to have full ownership, then it's a shared ownership because I sprited the select icon, uncredited.

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