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Huh, so it is. I had originally viewed archived versions of sudara13's website to find mention of Onvern (Noivern) and Otamaro (Tympole), though there was nothing about Monyu; turns out that although the main page was only crawled as far back as 2012, some blog entries had older dates to them, with one from 2011 indeed listing "もにゅもにゅ" (Monyu Monyu) under their creations list. I guess they disowned that one pretty quickly 😛


Andersonkenya1.net (or at least those who upload them) should really supply the A.I. patches as patches and not the entire character + patch because I have to then technically class them as edits I imagine most people already have the base character and would rather avoid having to download the whole thing again.



-Added Monyu Monyu by HelloMyNameIsAAA.
-Updated Monyu Monyu by sudara13.

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And Pizzasause rearranged his website again. Fantastic.



-Added Colin the Pikachu red scarf by...Colin The Pikachu red scarf.

-Added Jigglypuff by BobaFett.

-Added Gardevoir by Proud of Ragequittin.
-Updated Blaziken by Proud of Ragequittin.

-Fixed link to Pikachu by Pizzasause.

-Fixed link to Bootleg Pikachu Plushie by Makaibros.



-Added Charicific Valley by Cheloteka.

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I found Pikachu that was edited by autin2 on that very known site that is never trusted, but luckily, I reuploaded it to MEGA:
This was edited from my SSBM Pikachu. The what he changed is that he added 7th palette, changed attack stat to 122, and changed air attack animation, but everything else is the same as usual.

Speaking of my SSBM Pikachu, I forgot to say that I reuploaded my SSBM Pikachu from Dropbox to my site:

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Hey. It's me, Orochi Lucario.

I came back to apologize for everything I did, and kindly ask to remove ALL the stuff "I made". Including Golden Gardevoir, because I technically made that but I wanted to keep that hidden so I haven't declared that as mine... Yeah, I'm a jerk I know.

Anyway,thank you for your understanding, and sorry to everyone. Farewell.

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