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9 minutes ago, PlasmoidThunder said:


-Added Pikachu's Beach by CozySquirtle.

Much appreciated! However, you stuck in under 'Gen 2' stages when it should go under 'Gen 1' stages, since its from the Surfing Pikachu mini game in Pokemon Yellow.

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16 minutes ago, Number09 said:

Noahshines Arbok is marked as NSFW. Am I missing something? 

I'm pretty certain that this contained some vore 'n shit, I could be wrong tho but that's my guess so far.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hopefully this doesn't count as double posting, its been a while, in any case, plas, since I technically released the new version of kyurem would you mind adding it to the collection?, I plan on keeping that same link when updating so that's a non issue

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Yahoo Box heckin' died, so...


-Fixed link to Okihaito's Metamon (Ditto).

-Fixed link to Otto's Unknown (Unown).

-Fixed link to Otto's Yuiitusin (Entei).

-Fixed link to sudara13's Otamaro (Tympole).

-Fixed link to sudara13's Onvern (Noivern).

-Fixed link to Ria Corst's Pikaman (Jesus).

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-Fixed links to the following by Camren Springer:


-Fixed link to Pizzasause's second Pikachu.


-Added the following by Goemon:

-A.I. patch for Shadowtak's Pikachu
-A.I. patch for Willoughby Jackson's Jigglypuff
-A.I. patch for Ðshiznetz's Snorlax
-A.I. patch for Minoo's Ramparudo (Rampardos)
-A.I. patch for Moku's Lucario
-A.I. patch for googoo64's Monster Ball

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