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Karin Released


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Hey Guys, Karin is out. I hope you like her.

- M.U.G.E.N 1.0.

- Custom Kagura Shingan and Perfume Spray effects.

- GNT:SP portraits.

- Sennen Goroshi compatibility.

- Frog Sprites.

- Scale-able A.I.



[Karin's Readme]

Name: Karin

Series: Naruto Shippuuden

Game: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai Cha-Crash (NZC)

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Version Date: 2.19.2013

Description: Karin is a girly-girl who specializes in Chakra-detection

techniques as well as healing. To make things fair, she's fights as a

melee, basher type.


Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.

Robosaiyuk for being a badass beta tester. :)

Laharl for making the English soundpack.


Karin has both an English and Japanese sound pack.

To change them just open up her .def file

and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:

snd = karin_nzc.en.snd ; for English


snd = karin.jp.snd ; for Japanese


-- Basic Actions --

Dash - Yes

Air Dash - Yes

Jump (Double) - Yes

Crouch - Yes

Launcher - Yes

-- Basic Attacks --

Karin uses a series of short-range melee attacks and doesn't use

any thrown weapons, except for one of her supers.

Commands are simple. A, B, and C are

her commands for Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks respectively.

-- Special (Super) Attacks --


[Command Name] - [Command] - [Power Requirement]


- [Note (If any)]

Big Bomb Punch - QCF+A - 1000 (1 Bar)

Karin charges up her fist for a huge punch that sends the enemy crashing to the ground. The force

is so heavy that they bounce back up into the air.

Slap Happy - QCB+A - 1000 (1 Bar)

As the name suggests, Karin goes slap-happy. She flails her arm back and forth, slapping the whatever is in front

of her. She ends it with a final slap that sends the enemy flying.

- Karin moves forward during this move, so it can be used from a little distance away

from the enemy too.

Slap Explosion - QCF+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Karin takes out an exploding talisman and attempts to stick it to the enemy by slapping them. If she's successful, they

are sent flying and explode in mid-air.

- If guarded against, no explosion will occur, to be fair.

Raging Assault - QCB+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Karin goes beserk and starts punching the enemy repeatedly, doing some nice damage.

Perfume Spray - QCF+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Karin sprays her perfume at the enemy. The toxic fumes damage them as they are engulfed in

puffs of perfume.

- This has a long range and is useful from almost anywhere.

Kagura Shingan - QCB+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Karin sends a burst of chakra and energy outwards in an attempt to push the enemy back. She then throws many

Senbon needles in various directions, hoping to hit them.

- Since the needles are thrown in random directions, the total damage of this move can be more

or less each time. If every needle were to hit, this move would do more damage than a 3-bar should

allow :P


Karin is one of those characters who you see and say "Well, it's gotta be done." I'm not exactly a

fan of her, but I still put some thought and effort in. My favorites are the Perfume Spray and Kagura Shingan.

The problem with Karin is that she was never meant to fight. She's more of a "helper" than anything, but NZC

decided to add her, so I had to, lol.

A.I. as always is by me. Enjoy!

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Yes, that was intentional. The "perfect" situation and setup for this move is where the enemy is hit with the blast first, knocked back and vulnerable. Then, all enemies are susceptible to a spray of Senbon Needles. The spray is completely random and there's no guarantee of anything. With an "all directional" move like this one, I didn't want to make it too cheap, you know?

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