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Fukasaku & Shima Updated


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Hey Guys, Fukasaku & Shima have been updated. Here's what changed:

- New HitSparks, GuardSparks, SuperSpark, SlashSpark, Poof Smoke and Dash Dust.

- Added support for Kakashi's Sennen Goroshi.

- Added portraits for GNT:SP lifebars.

- Added Fire Particles to Katon's flames on the enemy.

- New Palettes, including a dark one.

- Fixed a bug where Fukasaku & Shima would get stuck in Zessenbaku while facing Naruto.

- Added Wall/Floor Sparks to the Kunai Summon's kunai knives when they hit the wall, floor, clash, or are guarded against.

That's it, enjoy.



Name: Fukasaku & Shima

Origin: Naruto Ninjutsu Zenkai: Cha-Crash! (NZC)

M.U.G.E.N Version: 1.0

Version Date: 2/6/2013

Description: Fukasaku & Shima are the Great Toad Sages that help Jiraiya and Naruto fight Pein. This husband

and wife team is extremely talented and were great assets to the battles they fought in.

Credit: Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.

Laharl for making the English soundpack.

Robosaiyuk for being a badass beta tester. :)


Fukasaku & Shima have both an English and Japanese sound pack.

To change them just open up their .def file

and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:

snd = fukasaku_shima_nzc.en.snd ; for English


snd = fukasaku_shima_nzc.jp.snd ; for Japanese


Walk: Yes (Floating)

Dash: Yes (Aerial Too)

Jump: Yes (Single)

Crouch: No

Fukasaku's & Shima's command system is pretty simple. All of their attacks are frog-like, because that's what they are. A is for weak attacks, B

for slightly stronger attacks, and C for their strongest attacks.


Command Name - Command - Power Requirement

Description: Description

Notes: (If Any)

Kunai Summoning - QCB+A - 1000

Description: Shima orders Fukasaku to summon kunai a inches from them. The kunai target the enemy and fly at them.

Note: They can be blocked and will bounce off the wall or other objects if something get's in their path.

Zessenzan - QCB+A - 1000

Description: Fukasaku shoots a spray of water out of his mouth that hurts and pushes the enemy back.

Notes: According to the Wiki, this move is supposed to be a sharp, spear-like tongue attack that ultimately

cuts the enemy in half. I'm guessing they had to keep it "PG" in NZC )

Staff Strike Combo - QCF+B - 2000

Description: Shima orders Fukasaku to pummel the enemy with his staff.

Notes: If any of the moves miss or are blocked, the move will cease to continue.

Zessenbaku - QCB+B - 2000

Description: Shima bears back and thrusts her huge snake-like tongue at the enemy in an attempt to wrap and strangle them.

Notes: This move can be easily avoided by jumping at the right time. Blocking the move, while possible will do the player some

damage from the force and speed of the tongue.

Magen: Gamarinshou - QCF+C - 3000

Description: Both Fukasaku & Shima make a high-pitched croak that sends sonic rings towards the enemy. If they are hit, they are stunned. During which time, Sage Naruto appears to finish

them off with a Rasenrengan.

Notes: If the rings are blocked, the user is safe and Naruto will not appear. To compensate, Naruto does higher

damage than a normal 3-bar (3000 power) super.

Katon - QCB+C - 3000

Description: Shima breaths a huge stream of fire from her mouth that burns the enemy to a crisp.

Notes: This move has a very large range and can be blocked like normal.

Kawarimi: Pressing "Z" at the right time when blocking will allow you to teleport behind the enemy for

the cost of 350 chakra. In teleporting, you leave a wood log in your place.


Fukasaku & Shima are my least favorite from the NZC game, but they had to be done. Originally, I came into this thinking "Oh, I'll just half-ass them and be done with it." but then things changed.

Life got in the way of mugen and I had to deal with things first. When I came back, I saw these to frogs in a new light. They're not just

another character. They're another challenge for me, another method in which I can hone my skills as a coder and improve my work in graphics.

One example of this is the particle fire effect I've created for Shima. One sprite. 95% Code. Enjoy guys. )

As always, the AI is by me and scales. Enjoy.

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