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Nice collection


Just needs stuff by DaNaru250, Devilpp, and Daimonmau that im sure your gonna add

Thanks Phantom and how did i miss Danaru250 :=D:

and devilip & Shagito characters are ment to stay private but ill see what i can do.


@Killnator: Im not downloading those... Thats were i got infected X_X

-Added DaNaru Jin_XI



@killnator: D: Those links dont work...

Scratch that 4shared or his link is down

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Added Hakumen by daimonmau and reuploaded the blazblue life bars with password





Update: Updated makoto link added.




Update: Added Mu 12 and Platinum updated version

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Updated: Added the new update Noel by ron ti chu 

and  added Litchi by QY China


Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Lifebar added*


Sheol Gate by ExShadow added*

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BlazBlue Lifebars are blocked for violation of MediaFire terms of service; please reupload :(

Uhh which lifebar?

anyways I changed the link on the Blazblue chrono phantasma lifebars noticed that it was on the wrong link

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hot dog. even i gotta +1 you for this!


Nicely put together!

whats with the dark portraits ?



must be the ones that they have yet to be completed maybe or for those to come


Actually Ryouchi told me to add those. For the empty slots so it wouldnt look so much empty space, thanks Ryou. ;o




Tsubaki and Rachel by Kal


Blazblue continuum shift Lifebars by H-loader

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That I dont know because I havent use a speedy characters in awhile but I know that Neat unsou, Devilipp, seraph ares, and ron ti chu characters have "Astral Finish".





Miyakaka and Miyukaka by Kettosee

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