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[MAJOR UPDATE] Sasuke Uchiha


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Major Update:

- Re-coded with new effects:

- Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu now has particle fire instead of static sprites.

- Chidori has been re-coded from scratch.

- Chidori Eisou has been retouched and changed a bit. The spear acts as one. If it hits the enemy, they are skewered onto it and thrust off from the force of the lightning.

- Snake Spear has been replaced with Quick Slash/Final Cut.

- Kirin has had most effects revamped. I built a custom rainstorm effect, specifically for the accuracy of this move and the overall appearance.

- CS2 Transformation gets an effect of rocks breaking when smashing the enemy into the ground.

- New HitSparks, SlashSparks, GuardSparks, SuperSparks and Dash Dust

- 4 Custom Slashes have been sprited to replace all of his snake-related, normal attacks.

- AI has been cleaned up a bit (coding wise), changed due to the new moves, and is still pretty crazy (at level 8).

- New effect for Chidori Nagashi.

- Added GNT:SP Lifebar Portraits

- Added Compatibility for Kakashi's Sennen Goroshi

- Added 1 new dark palette and cleaned up the others using a new, lighter set of colors that looks more like Sasuke.

- Swapped the commands for his two medium supers with his two heavy supers. For some reason they did not follow the same order as the other NZC characters. They do now though.

- Readme updated with new move changes.



;-------------- SASUKE'S README.txt ---------------------;


Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Description: I made this character because I like Sasuke and wanted a

personalized version of him for mugen.

Source: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai! Cha-Krash.


Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.

Laharl for beta testing, enjoying himself too much with Naruto Abridged and for making the English Soundpack.

Ryon for making the rest of the rotating log sprites.


Sasuke has both an English and Japanese sound pack.

To change them just open up his .def file

and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:

snd = sasuke_nzc.en.snd ; for English


snd = sasuke_nzc.jp.snd ; for Japanese


;-------------------- COMMANDS --------------------------;


Basic Commands:

Walking - Yes

Run (Dashing) - Yes

Crouching - Yes

Jump - Yes

Launcher (Two via Crouching) - Yes

Air Dash - Yes

Commands are mapped across the a, b, and c keys for simple

play style. A is for lighter attacks, b for medium, and c for

snake based attacks that do a little extra damage but are slower.


Command Name - Command - Power Requirements (If Applicable)


Notes: If any.

Special Movements:

Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu - QCB+a - 1000

Description: Fireball Jutsu that does mild, burning damage.

Note: Can damage enemies while lying down.

Chidori - QCF+a - 1000

Description: Sasuke charges lightning in his hand and charges at the enemy with an

electric fist.

Note: Although you can't use Chidori in the air, Sasuke will fly up to enemies

if they are in the air.

Katon: Gouryuuka No Jutsu/Kirin - QCB+c - 3000

Description: Sasuke shoots three firey dragons into the air. Shortly after lightning coelesces in the air

above and huge thuder bolt strikes the enemy.

Note: You can interrupt him while shooting the fire dragons into the air but not afterwards.

Curse Mark Transformation - QCF+c - 3000

Description: Sasuke transforms into his curse mark form, flys into the enemy and puches them, if contact is made,

Sasuke will soar up into the sky and come down smashing them into the ground. The enemy bounces into the air

and Sasuke finishes the combo with one final, powerful kick.

Note: There are many chances to interrupt Sasuke during this move.

Chidori Eisou - QCB+b - 2000

Description: Sasuke charges lightning in his fist and shoots it out in a long damaging spear.

Note: Sasuke has two types of Chidori Eisou. If the player is on the ground, Sasuke will

fire the spear forward. If the enemy is in the air and high enough, Sasuke will

launch the spear up at a 45 degree angle.

Quick Slash - QCF+b - 2000

Description: Sasuke dashes at the enemy, slashing them 6 times, before passing through. When he re-sheaths

his sword, a final slash hits the enemy no matter where they are.

Note: Even if Sasuke misses, the final slash will hit the enemy. It's unblockable.

Shuriken Barrage - QCF+z OR QCB+z - 2000

Description: Sasuke throws many shuriken rapidly at the enemy. The shuriken bounced off the wall and can hurt even when ricocheting.

Note: Point blank works best :)

Pressing z after being hit at least one, will consume

200 power to teleport Sasuke using Kawarimi. He will appear

behind P2 ready to start comboing. Kawarimi is a log.


;--------------------- CONCLUSION -----------------------;


There's a hidden easter egg in this character if you or the enemy

is killed by Kawarimi. I've sprited 4 unique moves into him to replace

all of the snake-related attacks. Enjoy.

AI is by me and is fun and quite challenging.

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