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Kakashi Hatake


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Hey Guys, I'm happy to say that Kakashi is released!

- Scale-able A.I.

- New HitSparks

- Double-Sided Sprites

- Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth Jutsus

- Custom Suiryuudan

Enjoy. :)


[Kakashi Hatake's Readme]

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Series: Naruto Shippuuden

Game: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai Cha-Crash (NZC)

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Version Date: 12.27.2012

Description: Kakashi is known for his ability to "copy" the moves and attacks of those he

encounters. Because of this, he can do many different attacks of using different

types of chakra nature.


You can change Kakashi's sounds from English to Japanese and back by changing:

snd = kakashi_snd.jp.snd ; For Japanese


snd = kakashi_snd.en.snd ; For English


-- Basic Actions --

Dash - Yes

Air Dash - Yes

Jump (Double) - Yes

Crouch - No

Launcher - Yes

- Unlink most launchers, Kakashi's will send himself

into the air in addition to the enemy.

-- Basic Attacks --

Kakashi uses a series of melee attacks and doesn't use

any thrown weapons. Commands are simple. A, B, and C are

his commands for Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks respectively.

-- Special (Super) Attacks --


[Command Name] - [Command] - [Power Requirement]


- [Note (If any)]

Raikiri - QCF+A - 1000 (1 Bar)

Kakashi charges lightning in his hand and teleports out of site. Then he comes in from

the side to attack the enemy. If successful, the enemy is stunned, damaged and falls to the ground.

- This move changes when the enemy is in the air. Kakashi will still teleport away, but instead of

coming in from the side, he bursts from the ground in an attempt to hit the enemy in mid air.

Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Doton: Tsuiga No Jutsu - QCB+A - 1000 (1 Bar)

Kakashi places his hand on the ground and summons 3 dogs that burrow

and approach the enemy from underground. If and when they reach the enemy, they will

emerge and attempt to grab the enemy. If successful, the enemy will receive damage over

time as they bite and claw the enemy.

- The dogs can be avoided if the enemy jumps at the right time.

Sennen Goroshi - QCF+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Kakashi tries to coax the enemy into attack him by standing by and reading his book. If he his hit,

he'll teleport with a poof of smoke and position himself behind the enemy. After this, he pokes the

enemy with great force, launching them into the air and dealing heavy damage.

- Kakashi will behave the same way even if he's hit from behind.

Suiton: Suiryuudan No Jutsu - QCB+B - 2000 (2 Bars)

Kakashi places his hands on the ground and summons a large water dragon from the ground.

The dragon moves across the sky in a steep arc motion. If the dragon touches the enemy,

they will be cut from the sharp scales covering its body.

Mangekyou Sharingan: Kamui - QCF+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Kakashi uses his sharingan to trap the enemy and transport them to another dimension.

- This can be blocked and avoided by jumping.

Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu - QCB+C - 3000 (3 Bars)

Kakashi breaths a strong ball of swirling flame towards the enemy that burns them to a

crisp, dealing fire damage over time.

- While difficult, this can be avoided partially, if the enemy stays

close to the opposite side of the stage. This is provided Kakashi is on the other side,

pressed against the wall.


Kakashi was kind of odd at first while making him. I really dislike the appearance of

his sprites. But, that didn't stop me from trying to make something great of it. I've implemented

some more advanced techniques and really tried to cut back on variable usage. I've changed the

hitsparks he uses. Let me know what you think? I'm planning on changing all of the other characters

with those same hitsparks as well. I was sick of seeing that same water dragon sprite that

everyone uses (you know the one), so I decided to make something different. Using math and

only two sprites, I've created a much better solution to Kakashi's Suiryuudan problem.

Much like Sai, Kakashi has two sides of sprites. One set for the left, and one for the right.

Kakashi will also have this reflected in his frog sprites. That is, once Jiraiya is updated

to compensate.

A.I. as always is scalable and by myself.

Enjoy. I really think this is my best work yet (as far as NZC goes).

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How you do that?!

Thats fast Sensei!

I already leave a comment on your site.

But geez...

You and Ryon are the only authors that make me use pocket chars because they plays awesome!

Thanks for the sharing!

I wonder how this one whould look with normal size sprites...Geez curiosity overload!!!.

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He is also random as the Boss.....

I'm not sure what you mean.

+1 for your char and for your way to be!

I must try to make a pocket in your style...If i can.

I don't really like people copying my style, but if you want you can try to make something like it. I think it's better for everyone to have their own style. I've seen others try to copy my style and all they did was copy my code. That's not exactly emulating my style, it's just copying and pasting and that's just lazy.
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First of all...

What i mean with random is that you can joke around anytime regardless of the topic.


Sorry for not be especific but i mean use pocket sprites and good loocking FX.

I have my own way to use chars and iam not in a rush o iam that lazy to just copy paste others codes.

Again sorry for that.

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Oh I see. Yep, I can joke around at times :) Ok, we'll then I wish you the best of luck with your character. That's good by the way. I was just clarifying that I don't really want that to happen. I wasn't saying you would copy and paste. Just, that I've seen it before. Someone tried to make a Pein in my style and it felt like a sprite swap. Just lazy. :P

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