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  1. Hello everyone; I am in the process of updating Cammy-Delta Red, by Chuchoryu and Varo_Hades. I am focusing on updating and fixing her sprites to make her look more proper, and anatomically correct as possible. Here is some of the work done so far: Images: Video: Any ideas or advices are appreciated. Best regards.
  2. Original character, sprite style looks interesting because of shading http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c06gXxe
  3. Sagat (CvS2 Reimagining) Sagat is known as the emperor of Muai Thai and it's not hard to see why. He has proven himself to be an elite fighter from a young age, and has improved over the years. He first appeared as the unplayable final boss of Street Fighter 1, and was the host of the first World Warrior tournament, and it would be in this final battle that saw Ryu scar Sagat with a powerful shoryuken. Sagat would swear vengeance against Ryu for nearly killing him. Sagat would later appear in Street Fighter 2 as one of the four shadaloo kings, and would take part in a large majority of Capcom's games featuring Street Fighter. Sagat is a zoner, and has proven that the zoner can be the best in their game. Sagat in almost every game he has appeared in has been considered a top tier or the best character in the game, with the exception of Street Fighter 4 and 5, where Capcom somehow made Sagat subpar, which both impresses me and pisses me off at the same time. His strongest appearances were undoubtedly his CvS2 and SF2 Turbo appearance, specifically Old Sagat. Since Sagat is my favorite fighting character ever, and CvS2 is my favorite fighting game ever, it's pretty obvious what game I'm 100% basing this Sagat off of. Not only does Sagat have his incredibly god tier CvS2 appearance in this Sagat, but he also has his Old Sagat mode, which makes for two of Sagat's strongest appearances in this one Sagat. You can see my bias towards this character. Sagat's low and high Tiger Shots make Sagat the best zoner in all of his games he has appeared in. The rapidly changing velocities of his Tiger Shots can make avoiding Sagat's fireball game a nightmare. Of course, Sagat has more than enough tools when his Tiger Shots have been jumped over and he's face to face with his opponent. If he wants to get his opponent from being too close, then dodge blow-away punch would do the trick. His Tiger Uppercut is a deadly anti-air, and the Tiger Knee is an excellent mix-up tool. He has two new attacks in the Tiger Rush, which is a special from SFV, where he can either sweep or kick, which is a great meaty tool. He also has the Tiger Bait, which is a counter move. However, this move cannot counter crouching moves. Overall, Sagat has all the tools he needs to win his matches. Feedback is of course always appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgaxuy75cvy9hkd/Sagat.zip/file Have a good day, and stay epic, fellow epic gamer.
  4. I edited Quetzalcoatl_88 Huey Sprites. Huey video gameplay: Huey download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tfcbwsahylyrb5r/Huey.rar/file
  5. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  6. Yes you read that correctly. I, Ultra Fatality am releasing something !!! Freakin Crazy Right Enjoy my Version of Scott Pilgrim, with this you guys can get a feel of what's to come with the others yes I'm doing not just the evil exes but every character in the series so expect more Sex Bom-Omb and updates to the already released Evil Exes. Sorry I Couldn't give you all an proper release video and description, maybe later I'll post something but I will at least explain how he plays Every SP character of mine will play the same they will have 2 attacks, a Passive and/or Aggressive Trait (Think Injustice), 2 Striker summons and single button for Super commands. X = Light Attack Y = Heavy Attack Z = EX Attack/Trait Attack A = Striker 1 B = Striker 2 C = Super Attack Here in Scott's case he has an Passive trait (We Are Sex Bom-Omb) where he can call more then 2 helpers hold down and press the striker button to summon someone other then his default helpers and his Aggressive trait (The Power of Understanding) is an Counter attack and landing it buffs and gives different properties to his special moves and upon landing it 3 times it adds and new move for you all to discover I'll reveal it later on when I release his video. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tulgsl0cq6y680d/Scott_Pilgrim.zip/file SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS to.....Ryon, Basara-Kun and To All who still support me you guys are the best, I'll try my best to keep the Most Ultra Fatal Mugen content coming just for you all -Stay Ultra Fatal
  7. Final Fight 3 version of Haggar converted from my Punisher game for Mugen 1.0 & Mugen 1.1. Haggar is a 4 button setup with the other 2 buttons summoning Dean. Hit start to see the move list. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
  8. It's Yuyuko, but Vatista! ...or is it Vatista, but Yuyuko? Either way, it's a silly thing based on me comparing Yuyuko's animations and attacks to Vatista's. It's essentially a Gensokyo Reloaded-style Vatista using Yuyuko's sprites. Download Original post:
  10. Tatsuya Shiba is a Main Character of "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei" Light Novel Series. In my version his effects is now accurate from the source since I remade these sprite from DB Crossing Void Note: This Character is not accurate in DFCI. Inspired by UNIB and Blazblue Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10up1jNmWBM_76CEKE7tURQeJc9O8hfAe/view More at: https://sites.google.com/site/infantry00blog/
  11. Yo so I took Everything Vs Everything and I'm trying to create the ultimate Mugen character selection, using the everything vs everything as a base and vselect to upload new chars. There's plenty of stages too but I haven't got a fast way to add them yet so only ~20-30. I don't take credit for any of this, it's a mash up of many other people's work. It's currently sitting at 450+ characters & ~20-30 stages. ---------------Featuring---------------------- Large Sonic The Hedgehog roster Very large Pokemon roster Very large Digimon roster (people seem to love making these chars) - Animated Roster: Warner Bros, Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Nickelodeon, My Little Pony, South Park, Adventure Time & more *Lots* of Anime: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Kill La Kill, RWBY, My Hero Academia, One Punch, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Lots more - Dragonball Z roster Soul Calibur Gods/Mythology IRL roster - Lots of Marvel (more to come, I'm a big Marvel fan) Expansive DC roster Massive Disney/Pixar roster inc Star Wars - LOTR Big roster of Action / Sci-Fi, movie / TV chars Smash Bros roster (WIP) A couple of WWE chars - Terraria roster inc. bosses Misc video game characters Food mascots Memes ------------------------------------------ Still a WIP (as are all things Mugen) I'm planning on adding the street fighter roster & a FNAF roster, possibly some Tekken & Capcom too. Constructive feedback is welcome ------------download link---------------------- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eTfwwicQZB1wRC-4clG_g5v7X0x2wkAo/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! - JSG x
  12. Another character I converted from my Punisher game for Mugen 1.0 & Mugen 1.1. Haggar is a 4 button setup with the other 2 buttons summoning Dean. Hit start to see the move list. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
  13. Decided to convert Punisher from my Punisher game for standard Mugen. Had to remove the finishing moves. Also removed the Sniper hyper and in it's place added the wield knife. This character plays differently than my other Ultimate characters in that it's a 4 button setup. The other 2 buttons are used to summon Wolverine. It takes a little bit of energy to summon Wolvie (Power=100). Hit start to see the move list. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
  14. This is unexpected even for me, but here it is... and it has a story: last night during a chat on Mugen Guild Discord, it was pointed to me that Scott have some bugs I never fixed. I checked it out and effectively they were there and I never noticed before, but some of them also were present in my other chars. So, I made a massive update on the 4 of them with bug fixes, mostly in CNS department. The bugs are so minor to name them, but all I can say that now they play better, only I can say that the big change you'll notice on Scott is that Bass Playing now knocks off the enemy and is not anymore an useless move thanks to all the boys and girls who pointed me these stuff, you know who you are (but you're in the readmes anyway XD). This also may reignites me to continue the SP project I got years ago, like finishing Kim Pine and a big update for Nega Scott, I hope I can make them possible in a close future... No screenshots since there's not much to show this time... and no, this is not a joke as the "update" on Sumo Santa, this is real shit ^^ Sorry I guess =P Characters -> Adaptations
  15. I finally joined this site hurray! But at the encouragement of other mugen fans out there i decided to spread my content to other sites. So this is the 3rd of the three characters I made already. As usual I made the sprites from scratch. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c81lkrhfgqd1hpr/auron_ffx.zip/file
  16. I finally joined this site hurray! But at the encouragement of other mugen fans out there i decided to spread my content to other sites. So this is the 2nd of the three characters I made already. As usual I made the sprites from scratch. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1vx2ls337cd4hn4/raven_TT.zip/file
  17. I finally joined this site hurray! But at the encouragement of other mugen fans out there i decided to spread my content to other sites. So this is the 2nd of the three characters I made already. As usual I made the sprites from scratch. download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oy873advs7w3kpf/alucard_C.zip/file
  18. Bosko from Warner Bros/ Looney Tunes First appearance: Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid (Looney Tunes, 1929) The Sixth Character of Crowsar's Classic Cartoon Character. (Two more to go) Fix more thing from the previous run. 3-4 Months from now. The Classes for Bosko are difficult to find, so included mostly based from the cartoon. Classes: Musical, Animals List: Ink Spit, Pistol, Blow Bubble, Flute, Spear, Car, Plane, Shotgun, Call and Ride House, Cow, Eagle, Helper Bruno and more. Download Link Bosko https://www.mediafire.com/file/b4ykfk5t5u9jnlv/Bosko_By_Crowsar.rar/file
  19. [Preview] [Download] https://www.mediafire.com/file/d30cf3zgb2r0b0y/Miyako+Arima.rar/file [Comment] This is my version of Miyako Arima from Melty Blood Type Lumina. I played the game and matched up the best i could side by side. I love all the new graphical features Ikemen allows so i Had to make use of it. She has a few things missing here and there, very minor effect stuff. But I wanted to get her out before I lost her or something happened to her. "The Future Is Now"
  20. HERE you will find the updated patches AND THE NEWS by SHIN DANZEY THE CHARACTERS ARE ALREADY PATCHED! THESE improvements ARE very good quality and without cheat ! There is a lot improvements and the AI is more accurate. i had a few animations ! the behavior and their will of fight are amazing ADD TACTICAL ATTACK PHASE NEW PATCH 2022 MAX UPDATE V20 FINAL FOR GOHANZ2! New stance added the unleashed potentiel New Combos Incorporated! New transformation increasing ability , speed and power! Secrets skills in unleashed power mode stance like Teleportation,etc! INCLUDING NEW TRANSFORMATION UNLEASH POWER MODE power>=3000 ( unblock instant téléportation, power up without the power charge under 1000 power, attack stronger, speed slightly increased,new animations during some attack move!, and more...) warning! if gohan have less 5% of life he can lose his unleashed power mode with a animation that show he is exhausted! NEW COMBOS ATTACK NEW DEFENSE CODING NEW STANCE FIGHTING AFTER TRANSFORMATION new alternative movement super attack for level 2 and 3! including new air kamehameha ! NEW LV1 SUPER ATTACK : Saiyan combo ! AND MORE! "I arrive just in time" NEW AI PATCH UPDATED NEW GUY (by INFINITE) AI PATCH BIG UPDATED in JANUARY 2021! IMPROVE THE DEFENCE IMPROVE THE BEHAVIOR ADD MORE COMBOS FIX SOME BUGS! ADJUST FIGHT STYLE BETTER MOVING MORE AGGRESSIVE ACCORDING SITUATIONS AI PATCH (mexican typhoon FIXED) MEXICAN TYPHOON(by ethan live) spec ops operation AI PATCH SCORPION NEW FEILONG (by INFINITE) UPDATED NEW KRAUSER CODE K UPDATED PSYCHO WEAPON ANDORE SONIC MACHINE UPDATED V5.0! DARK BOLT UPDATED DARK BOLT UPDATED AND FIXED SATANZ2 UPDATED HERCULE UPDATED ALPHA DOLL UPDATED SEVIL NATHE UPDATED You will find them here (AI PATCHed characters AREA): DOWNLOAD them CLICK HERE Don't miss this addon tournament maker for Mugen: GO FOR THE DANZEY LEGENDARY TOURNAMENT NOW FEEL FREE TO LET MESSAGE AND GOOD GAME!
  21. (Preview) (Download) https://www.mediafire.com/file/xfehxwyvrbdg85j/esmbot.rar/file (Comment) A Discord bot that shares and alters meme images turned into a fighter that was modeled and animated by Z9 themselves, it specializes in using the infamous Get Real and Get Fake caption memes as unorthodox projectiles to fight, and also can summon and edit cat images as stage control traps to disrupt the foe. It's a slow bot, but it can use the Sad SpongeBob meme to escape from long combos to make up for it. It can apply buffs to itself to greatly speed itself up, become invisible, or make an attack unblockable at the cost of high startup. Also posses a caption meme Raging Demon and almost every sound it makes is from Discord itself. 1.1 only character.
  22. What took me so long? WARNING: -This character is for Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1. -This character has infinite priority, it is NOT recommended to face her with non-Arc System Works fighters. -This character has A LOT of custom states. If you plan to fight this character, it is recommended that the fighter has all required sprites (see Mugen docs/spr.html). Future updates: -Background Effects including Distortion, Overdrive, Astral. -Particle effects missing from version 0.99 -Mugen 1.1 compatibility and optimization. Please read the Readme - Bullet. txt to learn more about the character. -Enjoy Mugen 1.0 Version 0.99 Revision B Version 0.99 Revision A
  23. I found this weird fucking sans edit while I was clearing out some files. Its changes colors periodically and has sped up animations and weird sounds. Its just called sans but better any other sans edits?
  24. I've been back with characters lately and I decided to update Sumo Santa to a v0.81 with minor stuff, here're the changes: -Various bugs fixed -4 new palettes, now they're 6 instead of 2 =D -And of course: fully compatible with 1.0+, with data, winquotes and stuff, just choose "sumo-m1.def" and you're ready And since it's very small the changes I did on him that I won't post anything on my site nor new screenshots, you can see them in the past thread or in my site, of course. So here you are, I hope you enjoy him Santa's gonna sit on your lap Chars -> ClayFighter (I wanted originally to make a Lucy the Gorilla release for this date, but I couldn't do it in time, sorry for disappoint you u_u)
  25. Welcome to... Garfieldfan's Workshop! I may manage a few collections and have made a few stages, but wanted to work on making characters for a long time (which is when I started a pretty crappy build of Garfield), so this area is built around me attempting to make some characters, and possibly edit some, too. Stages will be thrown into the mix, too. Current WIP: Garfield (with WlanmaniaX) On hold: Arle Nadja - working on how the moves will function; will work on again when I figure it out SpongeBob SquarePants - Working on basic sprites and moveset Ramona Flowers - Color seperation work for now Chara - also color seperation work Edits in progress: Bender and Leela (originals by Warner, based on tunglashor's English edits) Scrapped: Ruby Rose/Yang Xiao Long (RWBY/BBTAG/Maybe custom?) Valentine (Skullgirls) Future ideas: Misako - Maybe base her off Kyoko if I finish her, or start from scratch. Stages in the works: Catsablanca (Garfield: Caught in the Act)
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