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  1. SNK vs Capcom EX Hello everyone. To all that may have noticed, I haven't put out anything recently aside from update. MUGENs been kinda on and off for me, but I got big into KoF recently and thought about makin' something sorta big after some inspiration.This thing turns out to be a lil' full game in my custom style that I've been building for a long while. It's gonna be a SNK and Capcom crossover game, roster wise, but the gameplay is gonna be an odd amalgamation. After playing on both sides, I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with my favorite SNK chars in this style, plus some other unique Capcom IPs. I think by now, the style is pretty set in stone, but the thing I got start worrying about is the screenpack (not too great with graphics stuff of the sort).There's also the roster, which I have a pretty big idea of, but may peeve a few since I can't include too many (i'm only human!) and that my tastes may differ a bit, sorry in advance! The rosters sorta gonna be organized in threes, like KoF. I thought it would be a fun idea to organize the Capcom chars this way, since I haven't seen it before.So far, 4 characters have been made, and I've been privately testing them with a few close friends just to help me polish (thanks doods). They are Lilith (of course), Chun-Li (from before), and the two new ones that I haven't released yet: Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. I had a lotta fun with them, and it's given me high hopes for this game. Once I get at least one rep from each starter team (4 Capcom, 4 SNK), I will release a little public alpha test to see what people think of the game. Once I've gathered feedback and polished up, I will move onto adding the rest of the members from the 8 starter teams for the first version of the game.Now with that out of the way, I'll go on to describe the gameplay system at it's current state: That out of the way, expect some progress soon. Below is a trailer with a bit of gameplay footage and other things to show you what's goin' on (thanks Rodknee). Hope you enjoy! Discord Link, for future updates if you're interested: https://discord.gg/pqywhPS
  2. Vulcano Rosso by armin_iuf released (02/22/2018) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/1csbnjwa29576o5/vulcano-rosso.rar INFO One more SFEX char by armin_iuf. Quite good job, especially with the sprites. :) MOVE LIST Vesuvio >> D,F,P (after that P >> after that K) Vulcan >> D,B,P Aeolus >> D,F,K (after that K) Canassa >> D,B,K Throw >> F,P HYPER MOVES Ponte-Dei-Sospiri >> D,F,D,F,P Torre-Pendente >> D,B,D,B,P Accelerando >> D,F,D,F,K ULTRA COMBO Quattro-Panorami >> D,F,D,F,PP
  3. Evil Ryu (SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium) by Ikaruga (02/18/2018) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://ikrgmugen.web.fc2.com/ > The others INFO Ikaruga is well known for your great KOF characters. But now he did something different. Here it is Evil Ryu from SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. He's pretty accurate from the original Neo Geo Pocket Color game and his AI is configurable, just like the rest of Ikaruga stuff.
  4. Sakura Kasugano (Vs. Style) by G-knux19 released (02/14/2018) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/gst7onz7eazqqd7/Sakura+Kasugano.rar INFO Original Thread Sakura made by G-knux19. As i expected, another great job by G-knux! I know that a Sakura in this style was made by Vs. Style Debuts, but this one have significant differences from each other.
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/vzny74cnchpms2h/Shadowgeist.rar INFO Armin_iuf is back with more Street Fighter EX chars on the roll! This time is the fearless vigilante and Skullo's rival, Shadow Geist! Movelist Death-Crusher >> D F, P Death-Break >> D, B, P Death-Flash >> D, F, K (ground and air) Death-Press >> D, B, K Death-Sword-Kick >> D, B, K (in air) Step-in-Upper >> F, y Death-Heel >> F, b Throw >> F, P Air Throw >> F, P (in air) HYPER MOVES: Death-Energy >> D, F, D, F, P Super-Death-Crusher >> D, B, D, B, P Death-Government >> D, F, D, F, K (ground and air) Death-Dream >> D, B, D, B, K (ground and air) ULTRA COMBO: Super-Death-Energy >> D, F, D, F, PP
  6. Drama Akuma Extremely cheap revision of classic SF2 Akuma/Gouki: spawns projectiles in standard attacks, shungokusatsu and other strange moves as supers, regeneration as special/hyper move. Original stage "Falling Hell" re-issue with new soundtrack (put all stage files in "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/snJ6S-ARFZ8 DOWNLOAD : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FUg_ngpyrPrPCSQyiw-JatpoY0FwXyB8
  7. Face Bison Another crazy joke edit of classic SF2 M.Bison/Vega (dictator), 12th edited char of the "Street WTFighter" MUGEN project. Feel the power of the LIKE! Bison becomes more social and he's ready to blast other characters with overpowered liking action, renewed set of standard attacks and obsessive super moves. The stage is included in the char (put the stage files into "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO https://youtu.be/6Y0Dl7qo2ns DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eIu2Hr0kxs7TkugShNMepA0J1DFSwAJ2
  8. Maybe Sagat Overpowered, cheap and crazy edit/joke revision of classic Sagat, with new standard attacks and excessive supers/hypers, like the rest of the "Street WTFighter" roster. The stage "Dusk" is included in the file package (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work). DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/B86OxtcJaJY DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AMJf9QwdzrejOzXmmlHgjYii2HXzc_2d
  9. Pain Vega Nonsensical, overpowered and insane edit/joke version of Vega, the spanish yodel by Capcom classic Street Fighter 2. More 3 characters and the "Street WTFighter" project will be over. The original "The Pain Desk" stage is included (all files of the stage must be placed in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_WSQ0w2TU0 DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sD3_W1O6yca2g1tKqJXVgAI82Z9OZPUH
  10. Fart Balrog Cheap, overpowered, fast and extremely un-educated edit/joke version of Balrog (classic SF2). The original "Graffiti Street" stage is included (all stage files must be in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Hyu2IbCFSLU DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1USVx_lWUaKN6GdKmH6t9Vf10IfwmjjZw
  11. Family Guile Another cheap/overpowered/crazy edit of classic SF2 Guile, 8th completed edit char/stage for the "Street WTFighter" MUGEN project. Now it's time to edit the Shadaloo squad Stage included in char's package (extract stage files into "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/K-CEppEOUaI DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/fguile.rar
  12. Khali Dhalsim Dhalsim discovers dark meditation and becomes evil, my 7th edit production for the "Street WTFighters" and a bit less crazy/joking than the rest of the roster, but still a bit op. The Khali Temple stage is included in the chars file (put them in "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/CIO1tI-hHcE DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/vdhalsim.rar
  13. Coffee Blanka Overpowered, cheap, brutal, spammy and loaded with coffee joke/edit version of classic SF2 Blanka. The char comes with a stage (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/kmQNpAqz9V4 DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/cblanka.rar
  14. Drunk Zangief Zangief drank too many vodka shots, and forgets how to do throws. My fifth ultra-cheap/overpowered/spamming revision of classic SF2 Zangief. Stage included (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work properly) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/jyqwZUbfbUk DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/dzang.rar
  15. Period ChunLi Brutally cheap remix of classic SF2 ChunLi, with gross / spamming / overpowered supermoves and normal moves as well. The character comes with the stage (put the stage files into the same "stages" folder of your mugen, to make it work properly) DEMO VIDEO https://youtu.be/eJJUm5HaBtw DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/pchun.rar
  16. Loud Honda My brutally cheap version of the classic SF2 Honda: weird palettes, overpowered moves ... and really loud sounds! The character comes with the exclusive stage : Hasselhoff's Bathroom. Sexy! XD (stage files must be put into "stages" folder to work properly) DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/JI0gRMkTkXY DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/lhonda.rar
  17. Spam Ryu Another joke character made by me, edited version of a less known Ryu (one of the many). The char comes with a stage reflecting the char's attitude (also edited from another stage). Don't blame me for this, I was bored. DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pJ90EGs02k0 DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/spamryu.rar CHECK MORE STUFF BY ME: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org
  18. Drastic Ken Another brutally crazy joke/edit char made by me, using a classic SF2 Ken Masters as base/template. Surprisingly, this char is able to beat Spam Ryu even if he doesn't multiply himself. Fantastic! This character comes with a stage which is adapted to the char's attitude. DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_4t7ixp611Q DOWNLOAD: http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/download_files/drasticken.rar
  19. My Christmas Gifts for ya! ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO INFO Hey everyone, gui0007 here. Merry Christmas to all of you MFFA-ers! There are some gifts for you, i'll post them as it shows in the Announcement Video. Christmas Gift #1 KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edition -Extended Pack- DONE! Christmas Gift #2 KOF Memorial Level 3 -FINAL VERSION- DONE! Christmas Gift #3 MKP Season 2.5 -Ultimate Update EXTRA CONTENT for the Final Version DONE! Christmas Gift #4 MUGEN Match 2.1 -VERSION 4- DONE! CHRISTMAS GIFT #1 The King of Fighters Memorial Level 2 -Red Edition- (FINAL VERSION + Extended Pack) FINAL VERSION VIDEO DOWNLOAD → MEGA / Mediafire EXTENDED PACK VIDEO DOWNLOAD → Mediafire The first Christmas Gift it's Final Version of my KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edtion! Also i did an "Extended Pack", with new stages, new characters, new versions of existent characters and more. For the Extended Pack works fine, follow these steps: 1. Download the Game 2. Download the Pack 3. Extract the Pack in the Game's folder via WinRar or 7-Zip. 4. It'll appear if you want to replace some stuff, that are the .def of the stages that are updated, some of the sounds, the select.def and system.def. Select "Yes to All" and it's done. 5. Open the game and have fun! More will come, stay tuned!
  20. Agent Nash by MGMURROW released (12/18/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://sites.google.com/site/mgmurrow/ INFO After a long time, MGMURROW is back to MUGEN, releasing a long-awaited character by him, Nash! (or as he called, Agent Nash) Like his other stuff, MGMURROW's Nash had your attacks from Street Fighter V with original and crazy stuff and he plays in MvC Style.
  21. Gabriella (POTS Style) by Prime SC/hairline733 Released (12/15/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD OneDrive / Mediafire INFO Really great, another nice job by Prime SC. Also the others Prime SC chars are updated.
  22. PREVIEW k6666orochi's Preview DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/z168svabxu2bd8l/LeoPOTSstyle.rar INFO Original Topic Movelist First POTS char by k6666orochi, best known for his KOF MUGEN stuff. It's intended to work only on MUGEN 1.1, but works fine on 1.0 too.
  23. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://mastergem117.wixsite.com/miltjrsite/ds-vs-mb-download-link INFO My words All characters are edited by Milt Jr. himself, their style is kinda a mix of MvC and POTS stlyes. Also the game uses the Uno Tag Team System by UnoShe/Ako si Uno and an edited version by Milt Jr. of the Hatsune Miku Screenpack by Dissidia. Milt Jr. words Before you download the game please note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 has some differences. The main differences is that the stages and music is not the same. Version 1.0 has more 2D arcade stages and Capcom style music so it feels more like a Capcom game. Version 1.1 has more 3D stages and Melty Blood music so it feels more like the Melty blood Series. Try both of them out and see which one you like. Specai thanks! WizzyWhipitWonderful, DaMarcus008 and GenisesKeys for the music. Xenomic for some of the Midnight Bliss. Characters and stages original creators. And YOU for playing this game!
  24. PREVIEW Download the game! Part 1 → https://mega.nz/#!RYwjEZ4C!H4n6c3IB5pPtfCctQOwnboljCQ88tVfshlDN8hWfogc Part 2 → https://mega.nz/#!MMADhJZD!qX6X5fpjRQjevRqSMPL_6Ic61bzoOPOn45syKzTN_ng Yes, it's a CVS/POTS Style version of the Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter MUGEN. This is the first version (Version 1.0), so expect for more updates in the future since that not all the characters are CVS/POTS Style, the majority but not all of them. :P Features: - Chars playing in CVS/POTS Style, except Victor, Rikuo/Aulbath. Huitzil/Phobos and Dark Talbain/Gallon. - 95 STAGES! All of them by AVPBoy6754, Ryon, Mazemerald and 0megaturb0. - Revamped Soundtrack by the great WizzyWhipitWonderful - Chars in their most recent and updated versions like Ingrid, Adon and Alex. - Final bosses, Jedah and Gill, are TOUGH! So be careful and be ready! ENJOY! ;)
  25. This edit is of P.O.T.S. Dan Hibiki, but edited with DSP's voicelines and... altered moves. Not much else to say, and if you don't know who DSP is... well, consider yourself blessed. Also... fair warning, don't expect this to be a comprehensive or even "good" edit. I just felt like making it because I was bored, honestly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn8ej4ujph5ln4i/DSPTriesIt.zip?dl=0
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