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  1. "Fire Style:" - Sasuke, Jump Force

  2. "Beware the men who speak in Die-ish! They're Hired Psychos!"

  3. "I shall redefine what's offensive and what's not! I won't stop being red, having an iroquiz, and wielding a pair of hatchets! That's in my Iroquiz heritage!"

  4. According to Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia that everybody can edit, China stopped being Totalitarian in 1976. Then I look back to China today and realize that China is, perhaps, returning to Totalitarian practices.

    1. FC39Macbeth


      Then again, Wikipedia isn't exactly reliable, either. So China may still well be Totalitarian before 1976.

  5. Superman: Wanna hear a joke?

    Harley Quinn: Wah, it better be a good one!

    Superman: "Harley Quinn vs Superman."

  6. If we have Corona-Chan now, why there wasn't Ebola-Chan?

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Don't give the community ideas, pal.

    2. PlasmoidThunder


      Except there was.

  7. "Oh, really? Then let me toss a coin in that case... If I get heads, you'll die! But if I get tails... I'll kill you!"

  8. "Oh, please... I never betrayed you... If only for the fact I never was your ally to begin with!"

  9. OG Iori's Crouching Light Kick having infinite priority.

    While none Billy's staff attacks do.




  11. Today in "Quotes interrupted by immediate disaster":

    "Sausage Party... For Mature Audiences Only? Like, what you can possibly do with the foodstuff for a toon to get a Hard M rat-"

  12. Avolyn Tent, Stan Sonshiro, Tannis T. Reploid... Hmmmm, I'm starting to feel like an attorney over here... There must be some ace in a hole, I suspect it...

  13. Lariat guide for Dummies: Do the T-Pose and SPIN SPIN SPIN!

  14. Black Plague: Eyeryone made grim, horrifying tales about this virus.

    Coronavirus: Everyone made funny memes about this virus.


    Man, society has changed over a few centuries!

    1. Gaulbetti
    2. mulambo


      wanna go back to Inquisition times ? :P

  15. I don't think I have ever seen a 4channer that isn't pepewojaking...

  16. "0/10 - they weren't moving around Z-plane"

    some random critic, about Dragon Ball Fighter Z

  17. Coronavirus marches it's way into Russia, only to be stopped by some Arbidol pills.

  18. "I'm not that kind of guy, but-"


    Actually that kind of guy.

  19. If a food themed game had difficulty levels, thye would be named like:



    Medium Rare

    Hard Boiled

    Coke Milk

  20. Ah, the classic triangle: Fighter -> Darksider -> Psyche -> Fighter

  21. Three manlets walk into a bar. The fourth one ducks.

  22. "Thou haft more mysteries than Sinnoh dwellow!"

  23. Battling my way through Fighting EX Layer's Arcade Mode. Then I face Garuda, and hear his stage, Ocean Cave's theme. Ummmm, am I playing Fighting EX Layer, or Spark the Electric Jester?


    The fact that AI in Fighting EX Layer would act EXACTLY like some Arcade Platformer boss only makes the resemblance worse.

  24. If Mewtwo had Custom Specials:


    Neutral Special 2: Vacuum Ball

    Doesn't travel far, but draws adversaries and projectiles in.

    Neutral Special 3: Lingering Ball

    Shadow Ball instead obrits around you. Does less damage.

    Side Special 2: Telekinesis*

    If this move hits, you're free to move a projectile or adversary as you desire.

    Side Special 3: Hex*

    Doesn't spin, but deals bonus damage to enemies with status effect. Try it with Glare or Heal Block!

    Up Special 2: Phantom Force

    Trigger shadow explosion at your teleport location. Takes longer to teleport and recover.

    Up Special 3: Powerport

    Teleports you farther, but leaves you open to attack.

    Down Special 2: Glare*

    Make eye contact to curse the last special move they've used.

    Down Special 3: Heal Block

    Turns the healing of your adversaries into damage. Doesn't need eye contact.


    *1 - Note that Mewtwo will be frozen in place(or slowly fall down if used mid-air) while you control whatever you hit.

    *2 - Shrinking, Slow-Mo(Timer or Witch Time), and Mewtwo's two custom Down Specials. This version of Side Special doesn't reflect projectiles.

    *3 - If they try to use it again, they will be stunned or spiked, as if they were hit by Deku Nut. Lasts 15 seconds, but hitting Mewtwo shortens the timer. Heal Block also lasts 15 seconds and subject to shortening.

  25. "Tell me, Dracula, do you bleed?"

    "How can you be such a fool? I regenerate too fast to bleed."

    "Not if I apply some silver to you."

    1. Noside


      What if Dracula turns into a Bat and flies away?

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