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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll look into it. What was the display name you used when trying to create the account?
  2. Here's the new WIP I'm not starting. It does everything at once every time you push any button. This message should show up on discord....
  3. There is nothing here. You see nothing. Look, something over there. (This will be gone soon) https://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/mugen-top-625x352.png some stuff
  4. Problem should be now isolated. Test post in [OUTPOST BROADCASTS]. If this works, it should appear on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Discord and possibly Instagram. Picture for test's sake: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DRUAH-N1EyQ/maxresdefault.jpg Links test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRUAH-N1EyQ
  5. The current / new banner was made by @Daemon for the 2019 banner contest.

  6. HAPPY KRAMPUS! This years bound to fail holiday surprise from me is a pretty major visual update to the forum discussions theme. The original, pre-change is now selectable in the bottom themes menu. Oddly, despite looking bigger because of the avatars, the new theme is a little more compact spatially. It's going to stay set as the site's default theme until January 1st. At that point, if too many people are reviled by it we'll have a public vote as to whether to keep it the default or just make it selectable.
  7. Made a few adjustments to the forum layout.  Details and discussion here:


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Updates Are The Best Dates To Make Sure The Pace Runs With Our Best Mates! I Just Like To Rhyme! LOL! Thank You For The 411, RobotMonkeyHæd! (o^.^)-b

  8. Made some adjustments to the forums layout. • [ IKEMEN MOUNTAINS ] became [ IKEMUGEN MOUNTAINS ] • [ SPECIAL EVENTS ] moved from [ HEADQUARTERS ] to the [ IKEMUGEN MOUNTAINS ] • [ SPECIAL EVENTS ] moved from [ HEADQUARTERS ] to the [ IKEMUGEN MOUNTAINS ] • [ GALLERIES ] became [ MEMBER GALLERIES ] • [ STAFF HQ ] became [ STAFF HEADQUARTERS ] • [ TRAVEL STATION ] moved to the staff area • [ FANFICTION ] became [ WRITING & FANFIC ] • [ GAMING ] became [ GENERAL GAMING ] • [ GENERAL ] inside what is now general gaming, became [ MI
  9. Somebody tagged me one of these AMA threads once and it was kinda fun, so I figured I'd start one off. Pick another member, tag them and ask them any 3 questions you want. When they're done answering, they do the same. No other rules about repeats, passes or interruptions, it's just here to have fun with 😜 @The Magic Toaster 1) What are your 2 favorite things to do for fun? 2) Top 3 TV shows? 3) All time favorite 3 Mugen characters?
  10. Darkflare If we ditch them all but the numbers, I think we'd be rewarding quantity over quality. Which is something plasmoid is also worried about with the current criteria. So I can see ditching all the ones that are currently there, like other people are saying, and yourself in part at least. They do call for a specific type of character, which is shitty. Too rigid. What would be your thoughts on replacing them instead with something a little looser and more refined? MkTendou A valid point, I hear that and it's certainly not something I'm interested in doing
  11. I added some really basic icons to all the sub-forums. Kept it simple with 5 basic types, same size and design as the front page icons. Aside from just making the site look a little better, they should give the user a basic idea of what each forum in a section is about. Makes the sections layouts a little more intelligible.
  12. until
    ___/ Character of the Month Every month MFFA holds voting on the best character and best stage released that month on the forum. The winner receives a Marble C.ot.M Trophy, and the trophies Showroom can be used to display their work. Candidates can be submitted by anyone except their own creator(s), and winners are voted on by anyone and everyone. Here's where it all happens!
  13. If you'd like to volunteer to review some Mugen content, add your name to the list of potential Judges by posting here. If you change your mind later just delete your post. Contributing can earn you Quill Trophies, and help others earn Reviewed Badges.
  14. Before we activate the trophies for Character Creation, Stage Creation etc, I think an open discussion about the final requirements for each would give us the fairest version possible. There was actually a small discussion about it a couple years ago where some points worth considering were made. Part 1 Part 2 Here are where the requirements stand right now, just as a starting point. We can adjust from here as people offer input. _____/ Character Creator For a character to be counted as complete, it must have all necessary sprites and states and no major bugs. Coding, sp
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