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  1. Sonic RPG Episode 1 part 1 Walkthrough by Dave Rattlz! There are also other parts out!!! Hey guys I've started to record videos again of gameplay!! f of games I've enjoyed through the passage that is life xD This time i chose Sonic RPG because it's very nostalgic hope you guys like it!! I will also be recording gameplay footage of other games in the future, and I do some guitar covers as well so stay tuned!!! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/davidmousegibson1997/
  2. Dude This Trunks is killer, Potential alert!! , Potential Alert ehehe, just tried it and so far is pretty good. I agree with Xero on the 6th button. All it needs now is some A.I.
  3. Its just the way the character´s A.I is coded if you want to change that You need to edit the A.I on every character you have, I believe the CPU level is for characters that do not have an A.I, so they use the Default Mugen A.I like Kung Fu Man.
  4. What happened to the Mortal Kombat Collection Thread? its gone.
  5. Hey Ryon just telling you that sometimes in the middle of fights goku's hair turns black maybe its bug?
  6. I'm not trying to bring you down or anything, instead this is a constructive critique. You already released a few betas, but the way it is for me now, it just does not feel like a dragon ball character, you have to make him more dragonball-ish know what I mean? so far to me its just feels like a silhouette with Nappa sprites, try looking up videos on his specials in Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden, or other DB games, also be sure to use effects (preferably hi-res) , dragon ball chars are all about effects, also scince nappa is a big guy add some envshakes in his moves too. Try looking up for othe
  7. I already selected the best answer button right when I solved the problem ,that post got moved to the top of the page when I clicked the button, its there. Good to know your already in his finishing touches, damn your fast Lol, Looking forward to it!.
  8. Hey Ryon I'm working with the creator of the sprites his forums name is DARK!!, and chuchoryu made an old version with him, I love chuchoryu's chars but his raziel to me was not raziel, since I'm an hardcore Leacy of Kain fan I know everything about Raziel, and now I'm creating a Raziel that its failthful to the games. Raziel isn´t raziel without the Soul Reaver Weapon (Wich I ripped the blade myself from the game) I am actually creating a full game project with him Legacy of Kain Mugen with more chars from the Lok series as well. Soon I'm going to start creating the screenpack and life
  9. Worked Perfectly man Thanks really Appreciate!!
  10. ok the helper method worked by I need to remove the helper allways if the the characters is not standing (stateno= 0) or walking (stateno= 20) (cause this is only for those states) I can´t figure out how to remove them I've tried using a Destroyself like this: [State 19000] type = DestroySelf trigger1 = stateno != 0 || stateno != 20 but it does not work I wish there was i RemoveHelper state controller Anyone could help in this? and thanks Whiplash for providing the awesome code
  11. Hey guys I'm having a bit of an issue here, so my character has a weapon attached to his arms, this is done through Explods. The Problem is when the opponent jumps over me the characters turns automatically, but the Explod does not, here's a GIF demonstrating it. But if I move after the character turned it returns to normal (show in the 2nd GIF), can someone help me fix this? I think it's either by removing the explod and then using a separate explod one for when the char is facing left and onother one for right, but I just don´t know what triggers to use.
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