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  1. I Feel Better, for now.

  2. I feel depressed and sad... i've suffered a sexual assault... i stopped being fine having a normal life like others cause some former friends put their fingers on my butt and i'm so upset of this world full of bad people and having toxicity in it...

    I feel psychologically bad after being so open public what happened to me in real life... i'll be maybe away from each community except Blackboard Collaborate to stay on University...

    I won't be updating Collection Threads for a while until i feel well.

    1. Gaulbetti


      I understand how that feels, happened to me as well. Good luck to feeling better, hope everything calms down.

  3. I'm Aleast OK... i have seen the results and i'll be ready to go at the hospital to get some treatment

    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      Get well soon. Is it serious?

    2. MetalGuy213


      Maybe it would be serious.... i am still trying to be well

  4. I Have (maybe) sad news.... i've got checked by doctors that i had a possible Beginous Tumor or a Hernia... it's not secured what i have trough my left ribs in the middle of my stomach... All hopes that HOPING that nothing bad happens.

    1. Weiss_Circal


      Holy shit that's horrible. I hope you turn out fine. Wish you luck.

    2. MetalGuy213


      Aleast i'm fine, i'm getting ready for being hospitalized this thursday

    3. Weiss_Circal


      Wish you luck.

  5. I'll explain what is going on with me... 

    I Started to had mental health issues due of excesive stress and Breakdowns which made my personality go trough anger and having a aggresive behiavior meanwhile i had a ton of work in University leaving me no time to keep maintaing content.

    trying to feel well i started to talk to close friends that i know since Hospital they only attend people with Covid-19 so i decided to take a 4 week break to start to reflect and not GOING trough problems.

  6. University could take half of my time... if i'm active on social media or playing some games specially this cause i'm just taking few hours to not keep studying 24/7

  7. Well... days ago i've started doing a video about some guy (i'd prefer not naming it there cause he's terminated from YouTube thanks of my expose video and to prevent future drama) wich mass-harras people, threatens people and he did Doxxing at my social media so i got threatened to get reported for "showing cyber-crime" of that guy however my ex-gf, close friends and my mom got involved in this and is so appreciated that this boi stopped days later since i reported him for Doxxing my personal info, Sexual Threats and Death Threats cause of a long of historial of this guy's foul stuff.

    I blocked this guy however the comments are still on that expose video till today wich i now noted that those comments are deleted by YouTube and looking it that he's terminated thanks of that i should be now calm cause his parents threatened me to get jailed as i saw on my instagram account and i deleted those comments cause this already stopped for good.

    i was taking fresh air these days after reciving a lot of threats from him and their parents to get arrested or death threating my presence so this stopped and i can be calm as well.

    1. Noside


      Interesting, I would love to see who this mofo is.

    2. jo19sh92


      I hope you'll be able to figure this crap out mate. The internet is a pretty unrelenting place.

  8. So, why i am not taking M.U.G.E.N matches' requests? Here's my answer why:
    -as of past year when i changed a lot of my lifestyle rather being a egocentric person, i decide to take a break quietly from requests (Matches ofc) cause i need to take experiments with different things without growing my rep with Requests from various users in YouTube.

    In June 2019 i finded it boring taking Cheapie or Normal requests (mostly from Japanese or South Korean users) but doesn't mean that i do not take requests for a while... as i'm about to keep continue taking those or i'll be "forever" leaving it for good as i studied so fricking hard at finals for free education at university as i modded a bit Plants Vs Zombies or attempting new addons from any Doom II mod.

    Also... most of my videos in YouTube i have to block comments cause 60% are spammed with a load of requests even when those aren't M.U.G.E.N Videos and it starts to annoy me (mostly were from a Youtuber named MrBrunaco) seeing it... i want to create different content rather uploading the same thing, again, again, over again, over again and over again (Roblox, Doom, M.U.G.E.N) as i started to upload differnt gaming stuff, however, i wanted to take a fresh air to get into a different atmosphere.

    I Don't even care of decreasing or growing my audience cause i leave all what i did on my presence at online gaming in 2006 (underage at the moment).

    as of today i'm now 18 years old since september 7, 2001 (18 years living in this destroyed world) so my activity at Videogames (specially M.U.G.E.N) is much less since i'll be entering to the university, having a life, real life friends with almost the same habits as me and i'll be technically focused much more on projects and on my personal life rather uploading a load of videos but that's a no no that i'll be not leaving my activity yet!
    since i was very active on the online gaming around 2014 to 2019 like ZDaemon (Doom Port) as a Discord Admin on 2016 till 2019 when i got mysteriously demoted without apparent reason from a Netherland Guy finding that i haven't the "enough power" to handle it as people got annoyed from this and also from Saturday Night Survival on Zandronum in 2018 as i got demoted cause of bad guys so yeah... these were my years of my presence.

    as of 2020... it will be an period of translation for me since my activity isn't is the same as i said, i'll be entering university and sooner to work on real life so i could be busy without much time to keep my activity on my friend.
    i'll be still uploading till my retire will be sooner but not closer dude!

    1. jo19sh92


      The Simplified Answer:


      "I have more important things to worry about"

  9. Planning to upload a last video of 2019 then appealing at something in 2020... 2020 is close and i will expose something that is hidden (not even an Char or some project) since 2015 to this year (can be now Past year)
    Also... doing a New Year's Revolution Brutal/Cheap AI Tournament in this year that is almost ending too... 2 videos could be possible in a row!

    1. MetalGuy213


      also... the 1st video can be kinda hidden (not for everyone) cause it's personal for me and not for open public.

  10. i like how an certrain person keeps doing all the fun as possible owo


  11. I got attacked by cops yesterday... don't worry i'm fine

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- I'm Glad To Know That You're Safe, Yo! (o^.^)-b

    2. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      They See Me Rollin, They Hatin, Patrollin And Tryna To Catch Me Ridin Dirty

    3. MetalGuy213


      Thank you for those who are saying that i'm safe, so i am 😛
      Nice Verses Jewel hahaha.

  12. Well... i became so inactive cause of focusing on other games as well i am a ZD Discord Admin, my country also is on Social Crisis so i was barely active on the internet to take a break and then watching Animes and Mapping on Doom 
    But hey! Metal Is Back!

  13. i just had studied for exams... my 12th Grade is a messure at being sold out
    however... scores are still great!

  14. Hello Folks, i'm having my high activity on everything else!

  15. Back... even that i came back on November 2nd of this year.... Hello!

  16. Yo. 

    Don't think and start saying that i come back to M.U.G.E.N... Just To know that i edited all my info, stuff and such... so You can unexpect this.

    Also New Website has been moved.


    Don't even unexpect to Finish MLG KFM and UltraViolet... I'll never gonna finish them as i went on lack of interest and such diverse factors.


    If You want to contact me, Just Come TO Discord or Skype.


    Also, Moved of PC.

  17. Goodbye to all the M.U.G.E.N Communities.

  18. Goodbye to all the M.U.G.E.N Communities.

  19. Yo Homies and Mugenites... Mr. MetalGuy is 16 for some Asians and Europe users.. but i am still 15 in other countries.. give me a happy birthday to me.

  20. With Akram Leaving, i have to do my work over UltraViolet the Stickman :c

    1. MetalGuy213


      Nevermind, he's back.

  21. Reviving something on this dead account... yet developing UltraViolet with Akram and Yet doing MLG KFM.

  22. 3 Days of No School due of a heavy sickness and heavy headaches.

    i was so bad and even about to get in a comma yesterday but thank god that i'm safe to still progress up all the M.U.G.E.N Content!

    1. MetalGuy213


      oh never said that i would be a pleasure to ignore all the bad M.U.G.E.Nites wanting all the attention.

  23. This Incredible Forum Post and Create Thread Spam is returning at me right now :c

  24. I Couldn't resist to make much more the progress of Ultraviolet and MLG KFM in the weekend, literally to see anything new of anything here.

    also, Harsh comments incoming.

    1. Gaulbetti


      Could mean something good is coming up. Even something I'll use and like. That doesn't happen often... MLG KFM sounds hilarious, going to watch for that.

  25. here's such good stuff over our Site with Akram and all the Darude - Sandstorm right here: http://coolakramtv.boards.net/thread/57/reminder

    Also I am About to make more Transparent the Hit Markers of MLG Kung Fu Man, 2nd showcase would be shown later.

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    2. MetalGuy213


      what do you mean?

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      In the page top, where all the other forums have their banner, would you like yours up there too?

    4. MetalGuy213


      hmm okay for sure.

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