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  1. Download link is down; always down for some OP God Rugal edits haha!
  2. Very nice alternative to your standard "Pots" Kusangi ...
  3. I remember this, seems like someone basically too MKvsSF Gouki; NOT Shin Lvl2 Akuma, but just the "base" version of Akuma that aZCal made, and just added some newer-ish effects to him ..
  4. He is pretty busted in terms of being over -powered. Not to mention he has an "EX" mode where he's even more OP... He's very shiny and flashy, and seemingly coded well .. for sure a great boss fight candidate ....
  5. I remember this Sean when it came out I believe ... didn't the creator add a projectile and a few other gimmicks and just change the potch up on the sound ...
  6. Happy Birthday Man! :-)

  7. Hey Ness, happy b-day!

  8. Figured I'd drop bu, update my profile; shamelessly plugging my social media and Youtube.  I'm still alive, doing some M.U.G.E.N work, updating my roster etc.  Hit me up!  

    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Nice Luster there~

    2. Nℯss


      Thank ya' sir, can't believe he finally saw a common reprint after all these years haha ...

  9. My guess is that it was an edit. I actually updated ALL of their sound files to include a mix of CvS2 - SF4 - DBZ - and misc. sounds for their hits sounds and wiff sounds if anyone is interested I'll gladly host them ...
  10. Just some random stuff from life ...
  11. Hello folks, been awhile.  My new job, my family, my Yugioh hobby, the gym, etc. has been in my way I miss my mugen friends; hope all is well!  Follow me on twitter/instagram ivsavior13

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    2. -Whiplash-


      do you play on Devpro?

      also Chaos sorc. >:(

    3. Nℯss


      @SPRI YAR ZON Yeah I've been MIA, I'm gonna try to get on every other day again.

      @Ex☆Papi lmfao, and yeah I do both ... I've been getting back into it pretty hard.

      @-Whiplash- Dueling network, and I love Chaos stuff and Anti Meta what can I say hahaha!

    4. -Whiplash-


      I gave up on dueling network because I had to explain rulings and rules too damn much.

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