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  1. I'm so excited about this, i hope it will be good when i get the chance to add this to my roster.
  2. I think i have a more updated version for you http://www.4shared.com/rar/Nda3UkiFba/dizzy.html?
  3. As soon as i saw there was a Carl Johnson i could tell it was going to be bad
  4. Hmm..i still don't like doing it i don't trust them. Zatanna could make me her punching bag any day xb jk
  5. The legs just look so terrible..but i really want a better Zatanna..hmm
  6. Now we have 2 of the exact same topic lol
  7. Or we could just give it a female voice and pretend we never found out xb
  8. Well if the character is good maybe someone can make a voice pack for it, i'm not gonna download it because of the voice lol, or maybe he just hasn't gotten to that yet if it's an edit of another character.
  9. Looks good, i like female wrestler characters.
  10. I love that screenpack i use it to =) and lol @ the hentai tifa.
  11. 1540, but by this logic, NNNNNNNNNNNNN would be a very sexy name.
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