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  1. [NSFW] Big or small? Doesn't really matter, i like it when my Halloween treats come in every sizes.


    Source: https://twitter.com/kuronerinka/status/1319150773880549376


  2. [NSFW] Don't mind me just adding a little spice to this spooky season.





    Source: https://twitter.com/uni_sio/status/1317075261913886740/photo/1

  3. My laptop charger died today, so until i get a replacement i probably won't be doing updates as actively as i usually do.

    1. gui0007


      Hope you can fix that well.

    2. Ryou


      On the bright side of things, a real life friend was kind enough to let me borrow his :)

  4. Spoiler



    "Hey there! How's the view to your liking?"


    [May be NSFW] https://twitter.com/tylwing/status/1311657985412788227/photo/1

  5. apologies if it seems to take forever for the collection directory to be fixed, as much as i'd like to fix it myself i lack the permission to do so. only RMH has it, and we know that he doesn't go online that often. oh also did i mention that it's also available in the form of forum thread and said thread has been updated? please use that one instead in the meantime. thanks.

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      what u break? ... i leave for a couple of years with the exception of sporatitic visits and BOOM! collection section is messed up lmao 

    2. Ryou


      i was told that there wouldn't be any problem if i were to update it again after i broke it last time, so with that in mind i went ahead to edit it....and it wound up breaking again, lol

  6. have a pudding for your birthday :p





  7. Congrats for being a year older! :p

  8. Note for members: please post your MUGEN related videos in the proper board, which is the [MUGEN THEATER], as the [VIDEO] board is meant for general, non-MUGEN videos. thanks.

    1. Riku Minato

      Riku Minato

      I see admin and thank you for moving my videos in the right section.

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