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  1. Added 'em all. Do notify me should you stumble upon more obscure Touhou content :P.
  2. I thought that was the case too (something about both of them doesn't scream "canon" to me). Moved.
  3. Chaosposting in June:



    Chaosposting in August:


  4. It's also a different persona than his Captain Marvel one, so I'd say his current placement is perfect for him. An entirely new section titled "Original Marvel / DC Hybrids" would probably be our best bet for now.
  5. Yeah. The pictures and layout were done entirely from scratch by yours truly. Also no hard feelings. 👌
  6. 1. Ah, okay. Didn't know that. Moved to Original section. 2. Oh yeah. Kl'rt and Super Skrull are the one and the same. My bad. (Also accusing someone of having a mental disorder they don't actually suffer from is kind of............rude, don'tcha think?) 3. I suppose I'll remove them. 4. In my defense he was listed as "Guido (Strong Guy)" in the Character List. Though most ppl know him simply as Strong Guy anyways, so that one's my fault. Moved. 5. "sidney0" is supposed to be Changeling / Kevin Sidney (again, it's in the Character List). Methinks there's no need to relocate / remove him. 😉 https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Kevin_Sidney_(Earth-616) 6. Similar reason as Strong Guy. The Character List indexed him as "Spider-Man (Dusk)". But addressed anyways.
  7. All added. 😉 It wouldn't hurt to start small. I'm sure other members would be more than glad to help you build and expand your collection. I'll see if I'm able to contribute, too. 😉 This really helps me organize the collection better, thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing more feedback from you. 👍
  8. Added. Added and rectified. These too, have been added.
  9. I can't put my finger on what this is supposed to be, but I added it anyways.
  10. Oh, that explains the rather small file size compared to other JUS releases.
  11. Oh, you're right. The dates and sizes of the files on both characters are an exact match, except for the .cmd and readme, which are more recent on the version you posted. Oh well, I suppose that's enough difference to warrant an inclusion in the collection, even if it's minor. Thanks mate.

    The tables have turned.

  13. HUsaber is already cataloged under "Other Craps" in this collection, while Stefanie belongs to an entirely different one.
  14. Fellow appreciators of armpits, here's something you should consider checking out if you haven't done so already. A cute little manga that's at the same time also a goldmine of gratuitous armpit shots. https://mangadex.org/title/077de7b6-ea9d-4e41-a4be-6b9eb73e308e
  15. Um, I believe that's the same Spider-Woman that Red Chariot posted as recently as last week.
  16. Z only gets more awesome with each update. Thanks and keep up the good work. 👍
  17. Update: - Edit / update of Candido159's Winter Soldier by DC VS MARVEL - Spider-Gwen by Candido159 & JARRO77
  18. Yup, that's an apt description of the character. Added.
  19. Yeah, I had a feeling if someone were to take a shot at MUGEN-izing Astolfo, he'd be JUS-styled, because that particular style has become synonymous with "making an anime character for MUGEN the easy way", lol. Added.
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