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  1. Yup, I've been following the progress on Twitter. Just in time for his return in Ultraman Trigger, too. 😄
  2. ^ Lol, that's the best way to put it. Update: Characters: - Red Skull (old version) by Jay13 Misc: - Fixed the link to U.S. Agent by Crow, Cravd, Animaraz and Magus
  3. "How many shitposts do you want to cram into a single MUGEN character?" "Yes" https://www.mediafire.com/file/kf4vt6jletzrkdv/Symboli_Rudolf(ver1.0).7z/file
  4. I personally wouldn't be opposed to the idea of my boy Alien Barossa being made into a MUGEN fighter.......just throwing this out there, haha.
  5. Update: - Demunlawin's edit of Marvel Super Heroes Reborn Dr. Doom by thepaniqd
  6. You sure have a knack for finding the most interesting stuff xD. Added. (Apologies for the late reply!) Google Sites aren't as anal with direct linking as many other sites if that's what you're worried about. Added.
  7. Any help is always appreciated regardless whether it is big or small! 😄
  8. I honestly don't recall who the author was, only that a collector friend of mine sent it to me, saying it was an old, abandoned W.I.P xD. What do you say we put both Red Skulls under "Missing Characters" and see if anyone who visits the thread has them?
  9. I don't think linking to an entire MEGA folder is an inherently dumb thing as long as it doesn't have 10000 files in it and you actually know what to look for. But anyways, added.
  10. Cuz Son of Aura, the person behind most of the yellow links, never bothered finishing their creations for some reason (they're still playable, just missing a bunch of stuff). I'll take it. I've also paid heed to the last bit.
  11. ^ That's admittedly an interesting piece of MUGEN history there. Too bad 90% of those W.I.P.s never got to see the light of day........ Cool! I'll be adding this update right away.
  12. What a coincidence :0. I too am currently in search of a particular Red Skull, albeit a different one than shown in the video. He used to be in my possession back in 2014, but like every other MUGEN files I owned during those times, he was lost in a hard drive crash, never to be recovered. /:
  13. Hmmm.....on one hand, he'd be a rather redundant addition since the Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII collection's already a thing, but on the other hand, not everyone checks every thread in this forum and knows he exists. Welp, I suppose having him here isn't so bad at all! Update: - [Marvel Classics] Cyclops (Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII) by Exclamation_Question - [Marvel JUS] JUS-Styled Daredevil by Sebaah
  14. I was expecting a somewhat "normal" character, so you can imagine my surprise when I cranked up the ol' MUGEN only to met with.........such a flurry of psychedelic imagery. Lol. Update: - [Other Games] JUS-Styled Reimu by Mystery107 - [Assorted Joke] Kana Anaberal by kagenui - [Assorted Joke] Plzdontkillme by Occhihaytoh
  15. It's a new Kaiju, yeah. Also It's cool that Skydon got a makeover with new sprites! Update: - Added Gavadon B & Skydon (new version) by kirbey
  16. An reskin of Apocalypse into Formaggio? Lol, didn't see that one coming. Should've posted this in the JoJo Recreated thread, though. :P
  17. Update: - [Main] MvC-Styled Abomination by Kenshiro99 - [Main] Spider-Man (Spider-Man 1977) by Lugi1276 - [Originals] "Ultimate Soldier America" by Kousaka - [Originals] Venom (Webs of Freedom) by Mushypepito123
  18. Added JUS Medusa by Protozoark.
  19. Update: - Added Izuku Midoriya by AGenericDude - Updated the link to All Might by ThePyroHero
  20. Now that the site's back up, added!
  21. Looks like we're back in business. 😄 Update: Characters: - Black Widow 2099 by DerWerwolf - Crimson Dynamo (palette swap) by ??? - "MvCX" Iron Fist by Splash Slash - Professor Hulk (old version) by Kenschin1982 - Sharon Ventura (palette swap) by ??? - Skaar (palette swap) by Sol Badguy and Yolomate - Superia (palette swap) by Fron Xandia - Superior Octopus (palette swap) by ??? - Demunlawin's edits of: Elektra by Fede de 10 Nova by aa250 and bdc U.S. Agent by Crow, Cravd, Animaraz & Magus, updated by lp & Sookie Vision by Slotman, Fron, Arkady, Pilgrim and Chimoru Misc: - Fixed the link to Cannonball by Crenderesuan and Thatguy
  22. You've come to save the day again, tako. Much appreciated. 👌
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