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  1. the drip

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    2. Ionut Daniel
    3. Ionut Daniel

      Ionut Daniel

      ok you proven to be a worthy opponent, i couldn't defeat you in this yelling fight so i give up and you have my respect

    4. Ionut Daniel

      Ionut Daniel

      also you are the first opponent who defeats me in a yellin fight so congratiulations for your victory

  2. GREAT JOB👍👍👍👍👍

  3. I am also impressed about Snake Eyes from G. I. Joe


  4. If I have already two followers this community must be so friendly, I am surprised by this, I mean I just maked my account recently and I already have two followers

  5. So now I will explore more of this website content

  6. I was downloaded so many stages and characters from here witout having an account, but enough is enough, I wanted to thanks this website for amazing service and I decided that is not honorable to be here without any account, so here I am

  7. What's App? I am new here, I decided to make an account here because you have more free content than both AK1 MUGEN and Mugenarchive together

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