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  1. Hey, this version of dragoon with the UMVC3 template is something new especially with the moving animation with one of his supers. I love it and I wanted to find and thank the person who did such a phenomenal job with this character. I really love using this version over the Mvc1 version

  2. There is a new Chill Penguin edit Labeled as RMM, plays like an MvC character

  3. Hey, not to cause trouble for people but two stages you created, ruin resistance and "the Caravan" got uploaded yesterday by kater15. Just thought I'd let you know.

    1. OldGamer


      is okay that what happen when you share Open Source Release to the mugen community public and there nothing we can do to stop that, We cant control what people do specially that its coming from Mugen Archive. no matter what happen people going to continue to Upload Mugen Content from any Warehouse Website and there no law stating what they do on the Ethernet. when uploading and sharing mugen content

  4. I was absent yesterday, my internet connection was out all day from 7 a.m to 6:47 p.m

  5. As I said, I did try leafwing skullcrawler and cyber Godzilla, loved the flying attacks with leafwing and the Ally summons with cyber Godzilla. Even though I have trouble registering blackking and tyrant_A by hand in the def file, I still love the creations you come up with.

    1. Kirbey


      Thank you !! I will continue to do my best.  

      What do Black King and Tyrant mean?

    2. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Ah, upon seeing that question I did search up the names of those two. I was wrong, bakisumo did them even though it was a little while back since I dl'd them.

  6. We're you working on Leafwing? Well I just seen it was on "that" site  Sainxt uploaded it

    1. Kirbey
    2. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Ah okay so they're finished. Skullcrawler and Leafwing look pretty cool even cyber godzilla, I think I'll try those three.

  7. There's now one of the classic he-man villains, trap-jaw on the blacklisted site

  8. Ok, running short on my Android tab's memory so I'll upload two more characters before I stop to save on the memory I have left. 

  9. Ok,gonna seal the deal with this missing, but yet rarely talked about character, Zodd since he isn't uploaded

  10. Ok, Cesar now has a pirate robot upload, like the one from Dragonball, gonna test it out and relay the results. 

    Results: has a dark aura around it and some dark energy moves which are not like the character so it must be a skin of another character.... Update: its a nightmare zero skin so...yeah

  11. They came out with a new Kyle from south park as a sumin imitator, I checked it out and its like the Kyle I remember. Although the author could have put in his name instead of just "me"

  12. I've been thinking and I want to ask, have any of you had anything weird happen to you, like either playing an online mmo or anything in particular?

    The reason I'm asking is because I've had a bunch of things happen that I thought were weird, that I remember. I could name a couple if anyone is interested.

  13. If someone trolls you, never sit back and do nothing. Stand up for yourself and fight back if nothing else.


    Also they just released a piranha plant character for mugen


    1. Dissidia


      ... Or you can just simply block and ignore.

    2. Joey S.

      Joey S.

      Yeah, uh... that just makes it worse.

    3. 087-B


      I know I'm days late but uh, yeah no, giving the trolls what they want (a rise out of you) is not the way to go about it. You win by giving them nothing at all

  14. Kazagami, I got a target character in mind I'm going after soon. Here's a hint: He's incredibly fast, and never does anything to anyone but is very funny. also he likes priming eyebrows

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    2. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Welp he's now in the anime toon room, should be appearing as a new topic soon.

    3. Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      Ahh, I see now. This might come as a surprise but I've never seen a single episode of the anime he's from xD.

    4. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Funny thing is I've never watched it either I just watched some short clips of what the anime is like but it seems funny what he does in it.


      Edit reason is it always would be on at midnight which is why I never watched it since I can't be up that late

  15. New characters are coming out everyday, I guess my work here is not done yet...

  16. Update Ok so after looking into the matter with the baron file. I was told that nothing is wrong with it and that it works. So that's a relief, the only thing I need to figure out is why it won't work for me. 


    Anyway the file is ok, so downloads may continue

  17. Welp, I guess that's it. Not much more to post here for now

  18. Status update: Ghoul is now uploaded, I Don't have very many files that mffa doesn't have, but I'll upload one more tomorrow and that might be it, since I don't know what to put out next. Anyway my next file as a temporary last one will be a small one since I can't find it here.


    Expect the Baron of Hell, yes you heard me right the doom classic


  19. Got some more files uploaded now to finish.....

  20. More stuff to come soon....

    1. GTAguy


      Great. Can't wait for them.

  21. Just posted a screenshot of kisame shark on my cover photo I'll upload to MediaFire tonight but because I have only 19 mins, I'll post the link tomorrow

  22. Maybe I should become a file courier for this site... with the files I've been uploading, it sounds good

  23. Hmm no results from searching for the Kisame Shark edit on here, as well as D-cats rocksteady creation (although the description said he left it when he had trouble getting the palettes to work. It's 47 mbs I think

  24. I just got some files including a character named Attila (Fighting Dragon) by BananaSkyGamingOp. also found the Malebolgia file and I have some might and magic  files to add to the first two

  25. While looking for the spawn antagonist on ma I came across a raptor like character that is from a game called way of the warrior- High Abbott. I wonder if someone is still doing collections.....

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