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  1. I just cant for the life of me figure it out, I can do 4v4 with all unique characters, no problem. but when these two meet. error. Surely this one character cant be worse than 7 simultaneous characters.
  2. Yea, I've already used NtCores patcher. been using that since the fallout old modding days. lol I'm not sure why it happens. maybe I should bump my setting up above default in my mugen.cfg
  3. Sooo, here i am again. More issues but i don't mind, gives me a chance to learn. So I'm running mugen 1.1 characters are: Naruto by salah, and songoku 3.4 Now it has happened with more characters I recall before. Usually when one of these characters meets another specific type or something. Whenever these 2 specific characters meet I get the following error: Loading cns KageBunshin.cns...OK Loading cns Misc.cns...OK Loading cmd state entry Naruto.cmd...OK Loading common states common1.cns...OK Loading sff Naruto.sff...Character Naruto.def failed to load Crashes to exit. Now sometimes goku will come into contact with another character and spit out relatively the same error, Of course his own cns file in there, but the error pretty much the same. My thoughts: At first i thought well, I'm playing on a somewhat older laptop. MAYBE its a specs issue. Absolutely not the case, I can't have these two characters meet in a 1v1. Yet, I can have 4v4 with all songoku which is pretty heavy. or 4v4 with ultimate ronald McDonald, those are pretty damn heavy also. yet these two (Goku and Naruto) absolutely cannot meet, even in a 1v1. So it's certainly not specs logically thinking. What could possibly be causing this error/crash?
  4. Got you, makes sense. I appreciate the time you took. Thanks for the info!
  5. I wanted to ask about character creation. So, DirectX seems to work a bit faster on my old laptop I carry with me. I went to download a character with the description read "OpenGL only" So of course for curiosity I downloaded it anyway and ran it in DirectX. When I did this certain animation effects didnt show, and some had a big black box almost as if the image transparency wasn't set . So my question is, what exactly makes a character OpenGL ONLY? and is there a way to convert something like this to be able to work on DirectX. I mean if its really needed I certainly can run OpenGL on my mugen 1.1 but I'd really rather not for the sake of a single character. Appreciate any input.
  6. much appreciated, I was just thinking of doing it for the sake of cleaning up the folders but i realized its not really needed.
  7. Hello, I'm still somewhat newer to mugen in general and heard this was a great community to engage with, It'll be quoting another thread partly because I didn't know if necro-ing that thread would be appropriate. So I have a lot of questions, one of them is on how to convert a character from 1.0 to 1.1 So everyone seems to quote a thread that was made here by user: Realra the quote is as follows: Sorry for the length not sure how to hide the sections like in the original, So my question is in the 3rd part. Where it says: Make sure to only do all of the act files accept for the default one. Does that mean in his example pal1 = pals/1.act < you need to remove these lines pal2 = pals/2.act < pal3 = pals/3.act < pal4 = pals/4.act < You would only select pal2 through 4 and import those? Will this tutorial work on characters that are more complex and have multiple transformations as well? (i,e Naruto, goku, characters like this) and also what is the 5900 part doing? I figured there'd be some good creators around that could expand even further on this, I appreciate any help.
  8. These are absolutely amazing dude. Thank you so much for sharing!
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